The Stage 32 Videos: Murder

The Root Cause.mp4

The wife reached her breaking point and couldn't take it anymore. After years of asking it to stop and it wouldn't, she took matters into her own hands and solved the problem. She will still go to jail though.

Legally Insane Films

In a town that started off with a murder-for-hire plot between the first two mayors, there's a wild west factor brewing in Quartzsite that even tyrants might be cautious of. But the plot only deepens as the years roll on -- with activists being targeted and corrupt cops doing the political bidding of town hall. Mike Roth, who’s spent every month for the last 12 years fighting and winning his legal battles against a town council and a police department that targeted him and other vocal critics of the local government, is running for sheriff of La Paz County in the 2020 elections. And so is the man Roth says falsely arrested him during the years of conflict — then-Sergeant Will Ponce. But here’s the catch: Will Ponce, now the current chief, actually led 80% of the Quartzsite Police Department in a 2013 mutiny against the man who he says was really behind the corruption — then-Chief Jeff Gilbert. Who’s telling the truth? Who will win the election? Whose message will be sent out to an embattled community ready for change?

The 13th Round: Edwin Valero

Edwin Valero was destined for greatness and an epic showdown with Manny Pacquiao but we can only wonder "what if?" The Venezuelan legend, who racked up an ungodly 27 wins with 27 KOs, was a gifted fighter cursed with a dark side that would lead him down a tragic path. Author Don Stradley of "BERSERK: The Shocking Life and Death of Edwin Valero' (Hannibal Boxing) guides us through 'The 13th Round: Edwin Valero’ a short documentary directed by Patrick Green that is not just “another boxing story.”

Trailer for Black Widow.mp4

Brenda Jo plays the homicide detective in this flick about revenge murder, by Melanated Visions. Written & Directed by Christian Lee. Premieres in Georgetown Cinemas in November 2019.

WILLOW LAKE/Some secrets are better left buried

If you like a good murder mystery, you'll love Willow Lake. Sage decides to leave Manhattan and relocate buying a cottage in the fleshy countryside of Vermon...

Dogwood Pass {Official Promo}

Dogwood Pass: A silver strike in a small western town pits an untested sheriff against dangerous newcomers in a fight for wealth, power and control. Starring Michael Pare

writing and rewriting monologues

Closet Full of Broken Canes

Desperate for a normal life of her own, Caroline does the unspeakable to help her grieving mother find companionship.

Nick Soave in The Perfect Murder

From The Perfect Murder on Investigation Discovery: Season 5, Episode 9 "Jump Shot."

Useless Eaters - The depopulation of the world

The world is in turmoil. Sickness and disease are rampant among the entire planet. Those in power have concocted a solution . . . one that they believe will ...


A famous motivational speaker is murdered on a TV set, and the killer must be one of the cast or crew.


From filmmaker John Borowski, Serial Killer Culture TV is an episodic TV show which features intimate interviews with those involved in the serial killer culture community.
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