On Writing : Using ChatGPT for screenplay feedback?? by Lynelle Paulick

Lynelle Paulick

Using ChatGPT for screenplay feedback??

May I get an opinion on using this AI platform as a first-review feedback mechanism? I'm hearing both "really good idea" and "reallllllly bad idea"!

Maurice Vaughan

I wouldn't trust AI to give me feedback,Lynelle Paulick. I've heard AI gives weird feedback.

Michael David

I used ChatGPT 4 once for coverage. It told me my protagonist didn't arc. My protagonist literally starts as a diagnosed agoraphobe and ends by rescuing everyone in New York City,

Lynelle Paulick

Ohhhhh, I LOVE both of these!! hahahaha. Alrightee right, my decision may be made! :) Thanks, Maurice and Michael.

Maurice Vaughan

You're welcome, Lynelle Paulick.

Ashley Renee Smith

I think that using AI as a tool for research, organizing thoughts, etc. is one thing. But when it comes to something as important as feedback or notes, you want to make sure it's coming from a real person who can connect with your story and characters on an emotional level or pick up on nuance.

Lynelle Paulick

Beautiful. Thank you, Ashley. This and the other responses are making it pretty clear to me where not to go at this stage! ;):)

John Michael German


Bluepennotes.com from Jill Godley could help those in-line notes be a lovely potential. Depending on package, low-cost items.

In terms of the AI, helping to think for a route of mentality that can view within a perspective of difference - lovely. Helping to contemplate a writing format that could uptick your presentation. Like, CareerVillage.org, has an AI component that rewrites your wording to a certain category chosen. Potentially helpful in looking at a new formatted writing.

Gratitude inside you.

God Bless,

John German

Stephen Cheshire

Hello CHATGPT is great software, a lot of creatives are using it, I am currently writing a historical thriller, and using it with certain scenes has helped, think of the film industry, they use AI to help them. I would never see it to write the whole book, so if it offers feedback go for it

Renita Sherell

I am not certain how much of it is feedback and how much of it is just a computer spitting back at you the same information that you gave it.

Travis Seppala

I've actually gotten some VERY insightful notes from Chat GPT....

Kevin Enners

Chatgpt is capable of handling basic information and offering feedback, albeit limited. It ties up limited summaries in a pretty bow and skin-deep recommendations. Good start, but if you want something more robust, your best bet is to talk to a human.

Richard "RB" Botto

Some great notes here already, so I'll echo - for brainstorming and researching, but certainly not for analysis of one's work.

Gregory Barone

you can ask PI, GPT, and Gem to act or roll play as a screen writer and it will do it just like one. I have more of these.

Lynelle Paulick

What incredible responses [jawdrop emoji]. Thank you, all.

Amanda Toney

It's a great tool to help with loglines, especially when you struggle with sharing a story in a single sentence.

Phil Clarke

I'll also echo the same thought as many: while I'm generally against AI in this field of endeavour, if you're doing it for some basic research or to inspire you (maybe creating some visuals to help put a character firmly in your mind's eye when you write), then that's one thing, but for analysis, it's a big fat no. You might think what you get from AI notes is insightful, but I can assure you any script consultant or story analyst worth their salt will find holes. And at the end of the day, who do you make your stories for? Humans or AI? The answer to that question will inform you who you'll really need to check and provide feedback on your story.

John Roane

I have read some AI generated novels and they are awful. As an English professor, it concerns me because some people are actually reading them. I'm finding that AI is great for generating scenarios. As I move through the first draft of my fifth novel, I'll reach a "what-to-do-next" point. I feed in some ideas on AI and see what it comes up with. I do that repeatedly. It's like adding fertilizer to a garden. The garden in my creative mind.

Lynelle Paulick

John! That is So interesting. Certainly a reasonable and controlled experiment you are doing -- and: with the awareness you have, you're not ever going to fall "victim" to it. I really appreciate this comment, thank you.

John Roane

Lynelle: Thanks for your comment. I got into the writing game late so I am not disillusioned about a "career." I do have four novels on Amazon, traditionally published, but I'm not getting rich. Unfortunately today, the market is dead for you if you are unknown. I've been told I need to get involved with internet media, but that is a swamp that can consume your time. I prefer to hone my craft. I have several friends that are deeply involved in the internet and they spend many hours working at it. They cannot tell me the percentage of their success. If you are on the internet, you're not writing. My motto is BICHOK: butt in chair, hands on keyboard. If you don't write it down, it doesn't exist, and great novels are not produced in our mind alone. As I tell my English students, if you want to learn it, write it down.

Stan Evans

I used AI to give me critiques of loglines, then asked which of my screenplay ideas were the "best." Amazingly, it gave me an order that I agreed with and good reasons for the choices.

Preston Poulter

We give FREE notes for 10 pages selections of any screenplay every week on my YouTube channel.


Gregory Barone

I Worte a story using a one dice RPG system and it came out ok.

Lynelle Paulick

John, this is fabulous. All I can possibly say is YES.

Lynelle Paulick

Thanks, Stan, that is good to know!

Lynelle Paulick

Preston, I may well take advantage -- MUCH appreciated.

Dustin Archibald

I edit books on AI and this question come up a lot. ChatGPT is a large language model, not really intelligence. It can mimic language, but its intelligence, accuracy, and ability to analyze is limited.... for now. Great strides are being made in the large language model area and I don't doubt we will see systems that are able to accurately analyze screenplays in the next few years.

For now though, I wouldn't trust its accuracy "out of the box" at evaluating any creative work.

Pat Alexander

Chiming in to say -- Leaning HEAVILY towards a realllllllly bad idea. Your audience isn't an arbitrarily programmed computer model. Your audience consists of people (who are the ones at the end of the day will or will not pay money to watch whatever your create). Get people to read your projects. Stage 32, Reddit, Discord, Twitter, maybe even Instagram all have communities you can easily integrate into to meet other writers and exchange ideas. Give it a go, put yourself out there and do a manuscript swap for feedback. Learn to give notes and receive them. It's a super rewarding process. I would just never trust AI to reasonably evaluate any creative material. I personally write as a form of artistic expression and I can't imagine a world where the emotion/feeling part of any story isn't entirely lost on AI

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