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Sam's Town

The story of a life-changing weekend in the life of retired actor Sam Rivers as he travels to Las Vegas and finds himself looking back at his life, his achievements, his relationships, and his one tragic regret.

A Deplorable Journey with some folk songs and a snowstorm

On a cross country Greyhound bus ride an outgoing and affable New Jersey handyman committed to wrongdoing encounters other desperate travelers with complicated pasts and hidden agendas.


Two next door neighbors, one needing to get somewhere and the other to get away, set out on a road trip across America that will redefine what they want from life and from each other.


Galea, a unique product of human and pegal, leaves her home after experiencing a great tragedy, and embarks on a journey to find her place in the magical world of Denara. Along the way she discovers the wonders of meeting friends, finding true love, as well as the dangers of enemies, and dark secrets and darker intentions come to light.


The brother and business rival of a small time antique dealer are willing to take drastic measures to put an end to his "hoarding", but a young out of town traveler has a reason to interfere with their plans.

Weight Loss Study

The neurotic director of a drug testing center  tries to simultaneously  manage his chaotic personal life and   a case of cannibalism that could cost him his job if it is  related to drugs at his facility in rust belt Cleveland.


A mother scrambles for solutions after she accidentally eats the mealworms from her daughter's science project.

The Association

Four NCAA Division I athletes come to terms with exploiting versus paying collegiate athletes before an upcoming pro draft.


After accepting a lucrative business partnership with his ambitious neighbor, a washed up TV star becomes the main attraction of his new apartment building while struggling to revive his acting career in the Big Apple.

Loose Ends

A successful young accountant spends an evening with an NYC pub owner in wake of a series of brutal murders linked to patrons who once would frequent the same pub.


A prominent Irish gangster has no idea of the plans being plotted against his own life... That is until he receives a phone call from a loyal associate


The Logline: A mixed-race teenager desperate to prove her Native American heritage, builds a dugout canoe and paddles it to Seattle. 

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