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Thom Reese


Hi all, I got some cool news from Jason Mirch yesterday. My screenplay, The Problem with Plums, has been requested by both Untitled Entertainment and Dashon Productions. This came after getting a double recommend on my script coverage. Stage 32 got the word out, so thanks, Jason, and Nick, and your team!

Roberto Dragonne

Congratulations Thom!

Thom Reese

Thanks, Roberto.

Nick Assunto - Stage32 Script Services Coordinator

Way to go Thom!

Claude Gagne

Great News! Wishing you the best.

Phillip "Le Raconteur" Hardy

Nice work1

WL Wright

Cheers to that! Good going!

Bill Albert

Now the hard part comes. Wait and wait and wait.

Ethan Frome


Thom Reese

Thanks, all!!!!

Jerry Robbins

Fantastic news! Very happy for you!

Heidi Schussman

Congratulations! Way to go.

Brooklynn Fields

this is awesome man!! congrats!

Andrew J. Ramirez

Awesome news! Congrats!

Aray Brown


Daniel Smith

Well done!

Barry John Terblanche

Very well done - Congrats

Phil Clarke

Excellent news, Thom.

Erick Freitas

GREAT! Motivating. Love reading a post like this in the morning...

Thom Reese

Thanks, all! I really do appreciate your support!

Tasha Lewis

Congratulations and I pray that one or both go with it!

Louisa Kendrick Burton


Doug Nelson

Bet you're happy'er 'an a clam at high tide - now don't let that go to your head.

Frank Romano


Stephen Thompson


Philip Sedgwick

Congrats! It's a very good title.

Marie McRae


Adite Banerjie

Many congrats!

Louisa Kendrick Burton

Congratulations Thom!!’

William 'JPop' Schumpert

Congrats on the script! Still waiting to hear back about my pitch.

Brent Bergan

Great to hear! Good luck Thom!

Michael Mandaville

Congrats Thom on that productive step forward. Good job.

Dawn Prato


Gene Cartwright


Bill Taub

Congratulations Thom. I just hope had you not received those two recommends you would not have given up on your script. You'd be amazed, or maybe you wouldn't, at projects that get passed on dozens of times until they land. Blieve in yourself.

Thom Reese

Thanks for the good words, Bill.

Martin Reese

Great news, Thom! Good luck!

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