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Haven Gotta Clue

When unscrupulous crime scene investigators from around the country convene in a casino in Colorado, it’s up to small-town Sheriff Ellie May Lyons to solve a mysterious murder.

Mountain Mysteries: The Case of the Gold Cat

When the town historian is shot, and a priceless gold nugget is reported missing after 130 years, a young, unconventional county sheriff must survive a hornet’s nest of liars, thieves, and murderers to solve the crimes. [Written in Feature-length (or MOW), and one-hour TV Pilot formats]


A fractured childhood triggers old memories for local lawyer Stella Martin and provokes the investigation of a young woman recently murdered. She's making a name for herself with her strong personality and outspoken demeanor. However, under this strong leading personality hides a painful past that brought her to specialize in crimes against women.

52 Genesis

Forced together, a Christian narcotics detective and an aimlessly withdrawn civilian have no choice but to fight against police corruption and an intolerant drug dealer's tactics, sinking a city into chaos.

Row 13

When a tour bus full of slaughtered vacationers is discovered on a desolate, desert road, a novice FBI agent catches the case...a case she is all too familiar with because she was the sole survivor in a copy cat case 24 years earlier. SILENCE of the LAMBS meets DEJA VU.  

Guar & Peas

When a beloved personality's charity campaign ignites a bitter rivalry, titans clash in an ancient battle for territory.


A rich, hedonistic, NFL all-star falls in love with a Romanian blonde goddess, with a dark secret, as they party in the French Quarter of New Orleans just after Hurricane Katrina.

Coup De Grâce

The Australian migration of a couple becomes impossible when the young insurance agent suddenly loses his job. He plans a strange kidnap to fulfill his dream and tangles into betrayal and murder within three days.


Abandoned by their royal father, "Philip, Charles and Anne" are three free spirited teenagers from the 1960s who have a plan that will make them all millionaires. They steal £18.5 million and make a bolt for Spain. Pursued by two low life villains, the Queen Mother arrives and things become interesting. The culmination is a brutal showdown with a twist from the villains wives on the Spanish island of Majorca. 

The Sunglasses (short)

A door-to-door salesman, suffering from hemeralopia, schemes up a plan to catch the thief who stole his most precious personal possession - a pair of sunglasses.

The Odd Suspect

As a prime suspect for murdering two women while dealing with his extra-marital issues, a homicide detective struggles as he faces someone connected to his past who`s out to eliminate him.

The Psychologist

After dating a couple of men, a female psychologist`s world turns upside down when her dates end up being murdered.  But when investigators link the victims to her female patients, she struggles to conceal the truth.

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