Your Stage : A new update for recent work 2012 by Daniel Kim

Daniel Kim

A new update for recent work 2012

My latest animation work ;)

Vito Varsano

Great work!!!

Amit Yadav

Very cool!

Daniel Kim

@ Ali I have a job now, but who knows if there is any good projects or opportunities :)

LB McGill

Nice work Daniel!

Daniel Kim

@Loralie McGil-Ardolino Thanks Loralie :)

LB McGill

You're very welcome Daniel :)

Beka I Am

I"d go see this is if it was a feature! Smart!

Alby Zink

Very nice. Looks great. If you could ever use my voice let me know.

Redy Eko Prastyo


Darren Maclean

very nice animation, I like the character design.

Onyx London

That was AMAZING :) If it took you six months to do how long would it take you do a feature ?? Honestly you do really great work . Can't wait to see more

Daniel Kim

Thanks all for nice compliments. @ Onyx London - it took 6 months. yes I know it took pretty long, but I have done whole things myself, that's why it took so long. I just wish there is a good chance to make a real one soon :)

Kira George

Keep at it Daniel... That was pretty amazing... Loved the design and just from that, I know the story will be awesome...

Marco Zamponi

So Cool! Awesome details and a really fluid character animation! Any breakdowns?

Justin Everest

Amazing work there! Looking forward to see more:)

Eliza Kelley


Katarina Sandell


Katarina Sandell

Wow! I can't wait for more!

Claudio Napoleoni

Nicely done ...Awesome Daniel !

Claudio Napoleoni

Allow me to tweet that ?!

Daniel Kim

Hey Claudio. Thanks for the nice compliment. Sure you can tweet it. Thanks :)

Daniel Kim

Thanks Renovatio movies. :)

Daren Allen Seifert

Very cool man, I digg it. I enjoyed the part with the gears moving as you travel through it.

Kata Ruzsik

:D Really liked it Daniel :)

Nikola Tomic

Very nice!

Andrew Buchen

Nice work

Christy Condoleo

Spectacular work! Look forward to seeing more from you.

Michelle Mimi Carter

That is amazing work and I really want to see the finish product!!! Great work, Daniel!

David Navarro

Very nice.

Bertrand Perrin


Tui Allen

wonderful facials and gestures - great mood too. Liked the accent also.

Anthony Greene

Would love to screen this at the festival I program in DC. If interested, please inbox me for details and a fee waiver. I'm really pushing for a higher presence of animated works.

Leon Reaper

wheres the rest?....i was watching that! haha ;)

Daniel Kim

@Anthony Hey Anthony. This project has stopped with financial issue : / This trailer is all I have for now. If you are still interested in this trailer for your festival, send me email to Thanks :)

Beka I Am

that is too bad....I certainly hope you can push for and find funding from someone on Stage 32....this is just too, TOO good!

Lina Jones

I agree Beka the animation is excellent good luck. :D #SWEETWEETS @videoBL

Daniel Kim

Thanks Beka and Lina, much appreciate that :)

Tiffy Diamond

This is amazing Daniel, great work! :)

Stuart Mcclay Smith

Fantastic work Daniel!

Amir Givens

This is amazing im going to college now for animation and this makes me wanna do it even more

Alan White

This is great Daniel! Looks like a great film in the making!

Thomas Lee Howell

Let's animate my Hegira sci-fi series Daniel and make some real money.

Daniel Kim

Hi Thomas. Can you tell me about your 'Hegira' project? that sounds interesting.

Thomas Lee Howell

Please email me at There are 8 feature film scripts to the Hegira series.

Karen Keslen

I never get tired to watch this animation.

Afonso Salcedo

Hey Daniel, great stuff. I worked at Pixar for many years, great to see cool animation films like yours come out at a lower budget level :) You should be very proud. If you want some tips on lighting and cinematography, hit me up, I was a lighting artist at Pixar. Congrats!

Daniel Kim

Thank you guys for all the nice compliments :)

Beka I Am

Anything happening with this Daniel? I just veiwed it again...really marvelous!

Daniel Kim

Hi Beka. I didn't make this movie for promotion. I am working on another movie for real short animation, so maybe next time :) Thank you for the nice compliment

Beka I Am

this one would surely wim something

Mark Ratering

may I use it for my festival in Oman in Oct pls send

Jason Van Niekerk

Great work Daniel. Love the concept.

Daniel Kim

Thanks Mark and Jason. Much appreciate :)

Kevin Andreassend

funny little anim. nice

Daniel Kim

thanks Kevin

Kim Lorang

nice work Daniel looks beautiful !

Daniel Kim

Hi Kim, much appreciate that :)

James Gregory

Hi Daniel, looks very good, out of curiosity, how long did this take you to put together?

Daniel Kim

Hey James. It took total 4 months including pre-production, 3D, audio, voice over, and video editing.

Annie Dreyer

Are you including creating the characters from scratch?

Daniel Kim

Hi Annie. Yes. I designed the middle guy myself, and gave a lot guideline to concept designer for the lady and gentleman. Basically I made the middle guy first, then used it as template for rest characters.

Annie Dreyer

Was this done in 3D Studio? Nice work

Daniel Kim

It's done in Softimage and Arnold Render. Thank you for nice compliment :)

Annie Dreyer

Why did you use a Windows (Softimage) program and then a Maya Program (Arnold Render) which seems like a rendering program. Is this a better way to do animation ...use a program to build the character and then render the characters with another program. I am a Apple MAC person. I can use Maya programs but not ones only made for Windows. This is why I am curious. Thank you for taking the time to get back to me. You deserve a lot of compliments is simple and wonderfully done as well as not an easy task.

Daniel Kim

Hey Annie. Softimage is just like Maya. It is 3D software. And Arnold Render is professional renderer. Because of it's high quality and easy to manipulate details, I chose this pipeline Softimage+Arnold. A lot of film production also work with Arnold + Maya, or Arnold + Softimage too. I have iMac, so I use both mac os x and windows 7, but for all 3D works, I do with windows7, because it simply has a lot better softwares and integration.

Roddy Maginot

We are making a film/cartoon. Would you be interested in creating the animation involved? 75% of the movie is real life.

Beka I Am

If you are looking for an V.O. talent yet I'd like to be in on that! I have a short demo up on my page! :D

Mark Ratering

I like this a lot Dan you the man

Niels Van Der Horst

Very impressive!

Annie Dreyer

Hi Daniel ...just to let you know. I work in Flash and I love it. I do all of my own art, all the timeline animation and some of the action scripting. I made an animation game for cancer patients while I was going through treatments for breast cancer. Looking at what you have done inspires me to learn programs such as soft image. Thank you again ...Annie

Daniel Kim

wow... I didn't expect I will see dating ad on Stage 32... and there is even no option to delete a reply : /

Mark Ratering

What's love gonna do with it..... do with it?????

Beka I Am

I'm sure Mr. Botto will be on it soon!

Jordan Torres

It seems to be a really funny story and a interesting animation! ;)

Les Petersen


Ian Salmon

Well done mate!

Kenneth Scrues

I repeat Les Petersen. WOW!

Daniel Kim

Thank you Jordan, Les, Ian, and Kenneth :)

Gecko Blog

wow, i think it good, sir

Kenneth Scrues

By the way what did you use for the animation?

Daniel Kim

Hi Kenneth. I used Softimage for 3D works, Arnold Render for lighting & rendering, Eyeon Fusion for compositing.

Niels Van Der Horst

Hello Daniel, Hope you feel you could go somewhere with this. Just keep sharing! Are there any productions for which you could use original music at the moment? Thanks for your time. Cheers, Niels.

Daniel Kim

Hi Niels. Thank you for the post. I am currently working for a game as game director right now. I will need BG music in near future, but I'm not sure when. Maybe one or two months later, but I will send you email when I start looking for. Thanks

Niels Van Der Horst

That sounds good to me. By the way, BG stands for (not familiar with all abbreviations yet!). Talk to you then! Thanks, Niels.

Daniel Kim

Thank you Jacqueline :) and Niels

Niels Van Der Horst

I see! Afterwards one wonders if that was obvious :-) Then again I don't completely feel along with the b(ack) part. But hey, it's just an expression of course!

Michele Kaasen Rubatino

You did an outstanding job, intrigue, and suspense, I am hooked!

Daniel Kim

Hi Michele. Thanks for the nice compliment :)

Tiffy Diamond

Outstanding work! Love it!

Daniel Kim

Thank you Tiffy :)

Mark Bayliss

Great, love it!

Daniel Kim

Thank you Mark

William Mann

Fantastic, keep up the good work!

Beka I Am

Ditto what Kevin said....altho I have seen this and commented's worth saying over and over BRAVA!

Daniel Kim

Thank you Beka :)

George Samuels

Great work Daniel!

Daniel Kim

Thank you George

Alexander Rivera

very nice!

Meir Sabbah

Looking Good, looking real fine!

Kirk Williams

This is great! I love the detail even down to the lady and her hips (LOL). Awesome!

Daniel Kim

Thank you Alexander, Mike, Michelle, Kirk. I appreciate that nice compliments :)

Janet Scott

It is amazing Daniel, so lifelike... The mannerisms are just brilliant, and the voice over of the characters bring it to life....So realistic.

Janet Scott

Do you do animation for other writers? I write children's stories, and some, I believe, would be suitable for animation. Trying to get them into book form for publishing at the moment.

Daniel Kim

Hi Janet. Thank you for the all nice compliments. I had several chances to make animation with children's book, but it didn't go well because of financial stuff. What kind of story do you have and what is your plan? If you send me email with detailed info, that would be great :)

Janet Scott

Thank you Daniel, where can I find your email? I write classical fairy tale style on some. My descriptions are very descriptive, making it easy to know where to place the illustration.

Carrie Hawks

Nice work. I just started using some Cinema 4D, a lot of modeling practice in my future.

Moses Mugo

Great work! I wish you all the best in your future pursuits!

Mark Souza


Daniel Kim

Thank you Carrie, Moses and Mark :)

Chad Mercree

Wow. Well done! Very inspirational to know that you basically created this yourself from scratch. I know you said it took four months to make this, but out of curiosity how many hours did you put in? Full time/part time, etc? And also, how long did it take you to learn Softimage and the other programs and were you self-taught or did you go to school? I ask because I am learning animation from scratch (3 months in so far) and it's a fun learning curve but a bit steep. Thanks and again, great job.

Daniel Kim

Hi Chad. Thank you for nice compliment. I worked in office for it, so I spent 8 hours a day. In case of Softimage, I don't think it doesn't take long. I have been using Softimage since Softimage|3D, so I don't remember how long it took. I have 3 artists in my team now and they all switched their tool from Maya or Max to Softimage with Arnold render, and it didn't take longer than 2 months to train them all pipelines.

Bianca Emery

That was amazing! Excellent Work!

Rebecca Ferrell

Great work.

Laurence de B. Anderson


Daniel Kim

Thanks Rebecca and Laurence

Janet Scott

Never ceases to amaze Daniel..... Just brilliant.

Claudio Napoleoni

Awesome job! looks promissing! It would be great to collaborate with you, if you need a male American or... Canadian sounding voice as well

Janet Scott

It is truly awesome..... Daniel.... How did you get on with your script?

Daniel Kim

Hi Claudio, I will send you email when I need a male voice actor. Hi Janet. How are you doing? One of my voice actress friend in Canada is helping me for proofreading now :) I was busy, so couldn't not handle my personal project, but it is time to push it to finish ;)

Janet Scott

Good to hear....

Jim Nickley

nice work. Lets keep animation alive and kicking

Maria Teresa

I love it Daniel!

Daniel Kim

@jim @maria Thank you :)

Thomas R. Monette

Excellent work Daniel. Keep forging ahead.

Niels Van Der Horst

This is already the 3rd time you post this as your latest work

Beka I Am

AND KEEP POSTING....its absolutely wonderful and should be an Oscar short! :d

Tom D'Alimonte

EGGcellent! ;-)

Tom D'Alimonte

Add that to your 'Reel' here! (you don't have to load it up here, just use the URL, see my profile for examples, though all mine are on YouTube I think at this time)

Daniel Kim

Thanks for your advice Tom. I added my movies on 'Reel' :)

Tom D'Alimonte

NP! My god, my stuff pales next to yours (-:

Bill Beatts

Absolutely superb .. what else can I say? lol .. Bill

Daniel Kim

Thanks Bill :)

Niels Van Der Horst

Again this post???? This is something like the 4th time you post this Daniel. Either this is not the right medium for it or your medium and long term memory are shattered. make something new and stop fishing for compliments. I'm beginning to doubt this post is genuine...

Meir Sabbah

It will pop up as long as a person makes a comment and your account still follows it. I think it's great that it keeps popping up, Daniel will only get noticed more and more...isn't that what we all want?

Daniel Kim

Hey Niels. I don't post again and again... If someone put comment on any post, it just automatically pops up at the top. That's what Stage32 setup. If you don't like to see this post, I think you should delete your reply here, then I guess you will never see it.

LB McGill

he can also "unfollow" the post

King D

I love the look and colours, i'm interested, can I do my own music thing or have you got something in mind, would love to see what you have?

Claudio Napoleoni

awesome job !

Kirk Johnson

We'd be interested in airing your work on our upcoming television network -

Daniel Kim

Hi Kirk. Please send me info via thank you~

Victor Stapelberg

LOVE the GTR team ...really entertaining love the UK accents ..and "attitude"

Jessica Lau

Cool! Great work!

Daniel Kim

Thank you Jessica :)

Daniel Kim

Thank you Victor :)

Tui Allen

So amazing. I'm impressed.

Daniel Kim

@Tui Allen thank you so much :)

Janet Clarke

Wow - wonderful work!

Daniel Kim

Hi Janet. Thank you so much :)

Janet Scott

Hello my friend.... I am still on the look out for an illustrator.... could you private message me and let me know if you would be interested in considering doing some illustration for a fairy tale..... Janet.

Mark Bayliss

Hi Janet. Unfortunately, I am only any use for technical illustrations and 3D animations. I have no skill as an illustrator of fairy tales. I wish I had this skill, but in this case I must just say sorry. Your's sincerely, Mark Bayliss.

Janet Scott

Thank you Mark, much appreciated that you replied.

Beka I Am

I swear, I never tire of watching this!

Dan C. Corley

Fantastic animation. No jerkiness and smooth movements.

Chanel Ashley

Daniel, you kiwis are getting good, most impressed with your work, would be surprised if you don't go far, best, cheers.

Daniel Kim

Hi Chanel. Thank you so much for that kind compliment :)

Ricki Holmes

Looks fantastic, I have an educational app I'd like to talk to you about.

Chikun Trust


James David Sullivan

Great job!

Spike Thurbon

Stunning, Daniel - Excellent work mate - Can't wait to see more!

James Saunders

is this for a video game or a movie? The rendering is awesome.

Geof Spalding

Daniel your animation is brilliant. I love the main character as he immediately swept me up in his story. Not a great watcher of animation but I would love to see this when it is finished.

James Roberts

Loved it! Great work!

David M. Ross

Keep it up, a la "Tim Burton"

Daniel Kim

Ricki, Chikun, James D, Spike, James S, thank you guys so much for nice compliments :) This one is an animation project for game opening.

James David Sullivan

You are very welcome! Keep up the good work!

Sharon Switzer

send in a 1-minute silent to TUFF!

Janet Scott

Brilliant, I never tire of watching this clip Daniel. Still have to get my self in order and make my way over to see you.....

Daniel Kim

Hey Janet. I am working another 50min length movie for animation festival now, and hopefully can show you soon. :) And good luck for your work too.

Janet Scott

Thank you mate, looking forward to seeing that soon..... Thank you... one of these days... with luck my Lucy Goose a Christmas Tale will be out in July for the catalogues.... cheers....

James David Sullivan

Your lucky goose won't make it until Christmas! There's a turkey shortage coming up right before Thanksgiving!

Janet Scott

Oh no.. you don't.... Nobody cooks this GOOSE. Lucy was supposed to take flight last Christmas, but... due to being different ...cough, cough... of course, I am not ever quite the norm when it comes to anything. My story was too short to be considered a Novel... and too long to be considered a Children's picture on the wings of hope My little Lucy G will take flight in time for the silly season this year.

Janet Scott

She is a Hero Goose by the way....

James David Sullivan

Those taste the best! ;-)

Lukasz Lowkis - Composer

Great job Daniel

Amyana Bartley

How cool!!

James Gregory


Lisa Carter

Really Really Fabulous!

Gavion E. Chandler

I really like this and your characters are wonderful.

Jay Love

loved it !!!!!

Daniel Kim

This is really amazing that this animation still gets new post :) Thank you so much people~!

Epic Acg

great characters.

Jesse Perez

Absolutely dying to take this train ride.

Daniel Kim

Thank you so much Epic Acg, Jesse Perez, Umff Tang :)

Brenda Iovino

Love the swagger in their walk, especially the woman. In what capacity did you work on this?

Daniel Kim

Hi Brenda. Thank you for the compliment. By the way, I didn't get what you mean of 'capacity'. Can you tell me what you meant?

Brenda Iovino

I meant are you the writer, director, producer, etc.

Daniel Kim

For this animation, yes I was writer, director, producer, and animator :)

Brenda Iovino

Wow! that's a lot of hats to wear. Great job.

Aleksandra Ledo Pejakovic

Its super interesting and very good work. Only one think that I see as a mistake, that can be corrected, they are walking in a straight line. People when they walk, body goes up and down, so its more natural.... You can check some tutorials online, unless it was your idea to make them walk like that. If thats the case, I love it all together. :)

Daniel Loncar Maestral

You will let us know what happened next, right? This is a serious teaser ,)

Daniel Kim

Hi Daniel. I hope there is a financial angel, so I can keep making this one Q_Q

April Ranck

Really good.

Ty Ferrell

Nice work! Have you tried a crowd funding source for finance?

Daniel Kim

Hi Ty Ferrell. I haven't done it yet.

April Ranck

Hi Daniel, great job and well done. What is next...let me know. Best

Daniel Kim

Hi April. Next... Yes I am looking for fund to finish this project myself : ) Let me know if you know any angles there who is willing to help a project like this.

April Ranck

Hi Daniels, I will. Best

Tom Rooney

Hi Daniel, Great work. Let me know if you want to expand the story to full length screenplay. Happy to do it on spec. If this is of interest send a PDF Treatment / Synopsis of what you have via email to Regards, Tom

Chance M

LOL! This is really good. I'd totally watch this if it was a feature.

Mark Saltman

Hi Daniel- do you have a composer for this yet? I've got a couple animated shorts that I scored that Id be happy to show you :)

David L. Philip

Nice job Daniel.

William G Chandler Jr

I love it. Sound is really good. Nice.

Carol Hoffman

Great job!

John Read


Ally Shina

This is good work Daniel.

Richard El Asmar

good!! what exactly did u do in that?

Mark Ratering

Dan will pay.. looking for 90 min animation pieces

Daniel Kim

@richard el asmar Hey Richard. I did all, CG, directing voice acting, video editing. @Mark Ratering Please let me know if you have a good project to work with :)

Miguel Campos

Great stuff!

Janet Clarke

Spectacular! (I know I've seen this one before elsewhere...)

Kris Monroe


Brian Murphy


Daniel Kim

Thank you guys so much :) @miguel @Kris @ Brian @ Janet

Steve Payne

Thoroughly professional look and feel to the animation. Congrats!

Dawn Murrell

DANG! That was incredible work Daniel! The train with the water under the bridge?!? What can I say? I'm Speechless! You got skillz! Congratulations on this!

Sumit Srivastava

amazing work :)

Emily Hu

Wow, this gets me really excited to see what happens next! Are you making this into a full movie? It has the feel of a trailer/introduction. :)

Chad Catuara

Very nice work all around, I especially liked the GTR end segue into the gear works.

Gareth J. Rubery - Composer

Top notch, from start to finish!

Del Weston

Love this! D.

Maria Teresa

Very nice!!!

Adolphe Herard

That is neat.

Showkee Hyderah

Great Work !!

Mark Ratering

Loved it wish you had 60 or 90 min piece.

Dianna Chycki

Nice meeting you virtually. Many thanks for inviting me in your network. Apart from hosting a weekly podcast radio show, Beach Corner on, I co-chair the Wasaga Film Festival and produce the Red Carpet Gala Awards. We just celebrated our 5th Annual WFF Red Carpet Gala Awards on April 30th, 2016. Currently gearing up for our 6th season. For more information visit our Facebook and website at Wishing you continued success!

Prema Rose

Well done! I have an animated/live action musical, The Microcosmic Cartoon Show, in development. I'd like to be in touch with you.

Don Diego

Very good. Impressing.

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