Loglines & Screenplays by Migdalia Torres

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GENRES: Mystery, Horror



Welcome to Camp this Summer, where you will encounter the unwilling Runaway Teens; that had to endure at Indian Joe's Hunts Men Games.

The sign read.... "Stay or be displayed at the next Indian Joe's Hunting Reservation Game".

Indian Joe  Reservation which ran alongside Camp Better Place Station was a well-known spot for young runaways to stay. Located in the beautiful Colorado Mountains.

It's time to come and join us in this HORROR where the unwilling runaways would learn the hard way not to say "No", to any of Indian Joe's Huntsmen Blood Sport Games. 

It would not be wise to double cross Indian Joe decision on who would participate in the Hunts Men Sports Games.

What Indian Joe's Hunting Grounds had in store for those runaways they would never imagine. It would make you think twice before staying here and becoming the next Indian Joe's Reservation Huntsmen Trophy victim.

Have you ever really wondered what happens at a “Private Camping Grounds?”

What kind of Security could you actually rely on?

What happens if you find out that the "Sacred Burial Grounds at Indian Joe's Reservation"; was filled with “Dead Runaways who were unwilling participants at these Drug Haven Oasis.”

A well-known camping ground that ran adjacent to Indian Joe's Lakota Reservation was known as "Camp Better Place Station".A Runaway Drug Haven Oasis; filled of RV Trailer which were Privately Owned and given free to any teenager that was willing to stay and work for it.

It had become a place where if you decided to stay you could never leave. 

If you tried to leave without permission you would be targeted to become the next victim at Indian Joe's Hunts Men Sports Games. 

If you decide to join in on the fun of some of the best "Hunting Games", you could be really winning the "Blood Sports Medal"; of your own “Best Friends Murdered Blood.”

It's time to take your seat and watch the most “Brutal and Tragic history of these Rival Camping Grounds.

It's time to witness first hand who would be the next disloyal teen runaway and unwilling participant. 

It's time to follow the “Bloody Trail of the next Victim's Blood, which will surely lead you to his Murderer and the "Gates Keeper of the Sacred Burial Grounds".

I will start by telling you about a young Mexican girl by the name of India del Cielo who began to Write everything she see's in the Camping Grounds and puts in her "Diary".Making her diary the first lead as to what is happening at these two camping sites.

An old Retired Detective by the name of Joseph Meyers befriends the frightened girl and begins his own "Criminal Investigation", as to what is really going on behind “Closed Doors.”

The Diary begins to reveal what is going on with the "Free RV Trailer Homes", which were Privately Owned by a Powerful and Wealthy unknown Business Partner. 

These camping grounds had it in for one another for Indian Nation was dead against a White Men running a Camping Facility right near there Indian Reservation.

India Del Cielo who became a Camping Grounds Counselor to this “Teen Runaways”; would soon find out she too would be caught up in what had become an “Illegal Drug-Smuggling Ring”, known as "The Golden White Powder Connection".  Which was run out of Camp Better Place Station? or could it be Indian Joe's Lakota Reservation?

India finds out that Camp Better Place Station is more than just a “Drug Haven and Oasis for Misfortune Runaways:

She begins to connect as to why this was all happening and begins to suspect of the campground's owners Ms. Annie Meyers and Mr. Joseph Santiago.

The mystery to unravel would be when India's friends begin to show up dead one by one. A Picture and Bloody Sports Trophy would be placed alongside the “Dead Teens Body:. She began to Write Down everything she saw as it was actually happening.

India's Diary would soon be the lead, in a “World of Privately Owned Campers

A Criminal Investigation would have everyone talking about the two camping grounds who would now be in the News constantly. It had become evident that once you arrive you could never leave.  If you try to make a run for it you surely wouldn't make it past those heavily Armed Gates at the Entrance. 

In order to leave you would first have to go thru “Indian Joe's Ritual”; according to his version of Indian law. His Twin Sons Nayati Cain and Niyol Cain would not stand the “White Man taking over their Lands.”

Happy Camping everyone this upcoming Camping Vacationing Season and follow the Blood to your next “Murdered Trailer Victim”, as long as you either “Win your Blood Sports Medal or Display your Best Friends Blood.”

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