Anything Goes : When Life Handed Me Lemons.. by Tommi Trudeau-Street

Tommi Trudeau-Street

When Life Handed Me Lemons..

About ten years ago, I lost everything, including my beloved wife. So, I packed what little I had left in an old, beat-up, Ford Escort and headed for LA.. When I rolled into this town, I had just five dollars left in my pocket and I started over from there.. Now almost a decade later, I own a film company, I live in Malibu, and I ride around on the most bad-ass, custom, Screaming Eagle Harley Davidson.. ever! I am living proof that no matter what life hands you, you CAN overcome it! When life handed me lemons... I made LEMONADE! and so can you.. :-)

Pauline McCarthy

Well done Tommi. Did you have lots of people telling you that "You can't do that" or "Your crazy to do that"? I get that all the time, but I just smile and don't let them stop me :) I'm in the process of making my lemonade :) well actually fuit cocktail :) Love Pauline

Tommi Trudeau-Street

Well.. I literally, had NOTHING left to lose.. My entire world was reduced to whatever I could pack into a very junky, old Ford Escort.. It's amazing how brave you can be when you have Nothing Left To Lose..

Pauline McCarthy

So what kind of breaks did you get? Do you believe in the Law Of Attraction? Amazing things happen to me all the time because I believe they can happen, but also because I jump in and do things that others consider crazy but it almost always works out well. I would love to hear some of your sort of " amazing co-incidence" types of stories. LoVe Pauline

Padma Narayanaswamy

Pauline I believe in the law of attraction. I beleive in the power of the subconscious mind . I used to say suggestions and believe me I got one .He offered me 50,000 US dollars . everone go sceptical and I also got doubts and the deal slipped .

Pauline McCarthy

Yes Padma, the trick is continuing to believe in ourselves :) I also get doubts sometime but am using self hypnosis techniques to bolster myself. LoVe Pauline

Tommi Trudeau-Street

As my world was falling apart, I decided that the ONE THING that no one could take from me was MY INTEGRITY.. So, no matter what happened, I kept my integrity and always made sure that I was WORTHY OF TRUST.. and because of that, people trusted me and many breaks came my way.. Soon, I found myself quickly climbing back up the ladder of success..

Bob Marchand

Bravo, the trouble is most people give up. When they give up they close their eyes and aren't able to see what lies ahead. I always tell my kids-"Behind every cloud lies a silver lining." I feel your lost but rejoice in your positive determination. Bravo

Tommi Trudeau-Street

Thank you, my friends.. At my lowest point, I found a book entitled, "Attitude Is Everything" It was like a gift from God.. It was then that I decided to look at my situation as an ADVENTURE! Suddenly, I was having fun! Even though I was in a brand-new place with NO MONEY, I was having a ball!

Rex George


Curt Butler

... hi Tommy, how you doing? ... like your story, the basic message being... "its the journey that is reason for celebrating... "IT"... the it being... LIFE! ... Best regards, Curt

Conwell Worthington

Good Morning I am in the LA area and very much appreciate your story. Life certainly deals us many challenges. I wish I could say I have not experienced what you have gone through but have. It people like you who are willing to share life that will help provide hope for so many who at this very moment fighting to survive. I believe in persistence and many times others would say to me what are you doing? It is not going to work but I have always been able by hard work and consistent be successful. Thanks so much for sharing your story. I have a production company J & B Theatrical Productions, LLC. Not in film.

Robin Jarrett

Hey Tommy, What a moving story! I so appreciate the share!

Lew Osteen

Very Inspitational

Osman Rafiq

Very inspiring .. Good luck

Brynn Baron

That's good to hear. Thanks for taking the time to be encouraging. I'm glad it worked out for you.

Kathie Masley

I'm so lucky to have stumbled upon this today. Today has been an exceptionally terrible day. You're an inspiration. Thank you.

Lew Osteen

Illegitimi non carborundum!

Shalibhadra Shah

u could make a film out of your story...

SCCunningham 8

well done you.... you give courage... :-)

Evelyn James

Awesome! Thank you

Sheila Evans

We all become enriched with philosophy such as this....even the most down trodden soul may see a spark of light and take their first step towards it. Thank you for sharing!

Lookman Film And TV

Have you written the film. It would need to be over the top.

Andy Davie

There's definitely a movie in there Tommi... Would love to see that story on the big screen. Sounds inspirational for sure.

David Michael Trevino

What a triumph, Tommie!

Rob McCabe

Inspiring story Tommi. Thanks for telling it. There are times when I feel lost and uncertain about the future, but if YOu can do it, so can I. Thanks for the motivational story.

Dianna Chycki

Congratulations on your success. Very inspiring! I'm going through something similar to your story. I'm at a point where things are not moving as fast as I wish they would. What kept you inspired throughout your adventure?

Conwell Worthington

Dianna, I know you are not necessarily asking me but thought I would share a thought. I get through hard times with this phrase from my Aunt: "This is the best day of my Life" so I make everyday the best. and believe it or not with persistence and focus and not being allowed to run after a flash in the pan you will continue each day to be more successful than the day before. Just a thought Tommi accomplishment is incredible.

Victoria Boggiano

Thanks for sharing REALLY.. You never know who's listening to your message.. I myself am in the process of rebirth.. And doing a dam fine job of it if I may say so myself, lol.. Still in the old car and the wind in my face is brought is a maxed out 40 mph Vespa but my wings are HUGE!! She a flyer..!

Tommi Trudeau-Street

Thank you so much my friends!

Tommi Trudeau-Street

Recently, my brother, Frank said to me, "When you left for LA in that piece of crap car with barely enough money for gas, I was CERTAIN that you would end up, LIVING UNDER A BRIDGE and now, ten years later.. I know that God was watching over you..."

Lew Osteen

Way to go!

Curt Butler

... Tommi, is it your good looks, or your HOG that created all these comments? (just fun'in ya, I know it is the story... and quite touchin' I might add)... Congrats!

Armando Alejandro

I thought it was 'When life hands you lemons, take out the tequila and make margaritas'..

Tommi Trudeau-Street

Thank you so MUCH!!

Tommi Trudeau-Street

Yeah.. I reckon margaritas would work too! LOL

Jessica Rose

Thanks so much for that! You are an inspiration!

Conwell Worthington

You are very welcome! Much continued success.

Tiffy Diamond

That'a amazing! Congrats on your success. Living the dream!

Sunil Lee

Hi Congrats on ur acheivement.... i lost it too... need some guidance to make LEMONADE

Tommi Trudeau-Street

Look upward.. God Loves You!!

Lawrence Costales

Best wishes

Wilhelm Van Der Westhuizen

Now that is amazing and inspirational. Congrats man.

Steve Getman

Great story! Congrats on your success.

Renee Lohoue

Great story.Sounds just like mine right now.! I'm starting over!

Randall Roffe

well, it does happen sometime. Oh but there are so many very sad stories too. I was fortunate enough to have a "soft landing" with old friends when I rolled in, down to my last dime. Never made it big though, probably because I didn't have anything good to offer. But now I do, and I'm halfway around the world, in a city that does have a film scene (and huge budget advantages) but not like LA area. I can write better in foreign countries, like lots of the great writers did.

Renee Lohoue


Thulani Mokoena

Life is like a dream hey!

Conwell Worthington

Randall, That is great! Life is hard. I am in LA and NY and yes you are right. It is not that you had nothing offer, LAi sl like being in politics. If you don't play the game better than your talent then most have extreme difficulty. Sad but true. In other countries you are right. There is a breath of fresh air with interest on the craft.

Rashaad King

Beautiful. This is a testament to everyone that thinks it can't be done. Congratulations!

Randall Roffe

Conwell is a bit understated here, but that is to his credit. There might be a reason for his not posting his photo, like my favorite producer contact also does. I remember having lunch or coffee with some of the big-time people in LA area. People constantly coming up and asking for a chance at this or that. The waiter is an actor too, but has learned to stay unaggressive. Every waiter and waitress in LA is an actor! and everybody else is a screenwriter or at least THINKS he or she is. Next few days, people coming up to me and saying, "I saw you with so-and-so. Introduce me. I have a script. or, I'm an actor. How do you meet these top people?" "Easy." I answer. "I just let it happen."

Conwell Worthington

Randall good observation.

Daniel Erdelyi

I have been directed a tv series about ten years ago, called LEMONADE!

Linda Summer

Keep shining Tommi. Your story is pure inspiration.

Tommi Trudeau-Street

Thank you soooooooo MUCH, my friends!!!

Sheila Evans

There is always a silver lining for those who look have proved that x

Adela María Bolet

My personal motto is "Bloom where you are planted". All the best in your endeavors.

Genevieve Donaldson

Absolutely - Inspiring stuff! It all comes down to the ability to keep on going, no matter what, and that really shines through in your anecdote! Reminds me of a quote too - "Whatever you can do, or dream you can, begin it. Boldness has genius, power and magic in it." – Johann Wolfgang von Goethe :)

Binoy Anand


Carolyn Long

Good for you Tommi. My lemons have made lemon juice and I'm hoping to make myself a huge lemon meringue pie. I just need the recipe!

Lewis Ndlovu

A true Inspiration. Thank you for sharing Tommy. We look back with thanks and look forward with courage. That's exactly what you did and it's very encouraging. All the best ahead. PS:- I will bring some tequila for those lemons :)

Tommi Trudeau-Street

Thank you, my friends!

Keith A Jessop

Inspirational. Make a movie of it...

Thulani Mokoena

Thank you Tommi for the inspiration indeed life is an initiation school.....

Tommi Trudeau-Street

Thank you soooo MUCH!!

Veronica Taylor

Dear Tommi, I am so sorry about the loss of your wife. I understand loss--as I've lost both of my parents. Thank you for sharing your journey with us.

Jahmilla Jackson

Thank you!! ALL OF YALL!!! Feels so good to be among those who have a vision. Blessings all around!! BREAK A LEG!!

Veronica Taylor

Hey My_LA. How you doing? I agree--except for the part where ya broke my leg. LOL JK.

Jahmilla Jackson

lol haha I'm an actor it's what I know BREAK A LEG!!! (I don't believe in LUCK) Faith without works is DEAD! Do all that you can and what you can't will take care of itself. forward movement only

Jahmilla Jackson

pleaseeeeeee don't break them fingers lol

Jahmilla Jackson

lemonade and well i'mma just go there vanilla vodka oh so good on a not too warm day!!

Stanley Ejingiri

@My-LA Jackson--What a blast of a resume you have, I read it five times and each time it gave me a kick in the behind. It is very powerful, deep and spiritual and has unequivocally portrayed your gorgeous personality. I'mma borrow some lines.

Jahmilla Jackson

@Kathryn OMG NO REVERSE!!!! Are you serious how that work??? You can NEVER pull in HEADFIRST to a WALL!!! OMG I would LOVE to see that in person. @Stanley THANK YOU OH SO VERY MUCH. I've been working my ass off trying to get where I wanna be. (Making up for over 20 years of NOT pursuing my child dreams) Borrow whatever you like. CONNECT ON FB my links are on my page. I'm ready to turn it up in HOLLYWOOD (MYLAWOOD) hahaha Time for Holly to take a rest and let MYLA show her BEST!!

Janet Scott

Well said....

Tommi Trudeau-Street

Thank you, Jamey!

Antonia Jones-Hackley

I can give so much encouragement to others and forget I need it to.

Holly Dell

Awesome! What steps did you take to make that $5 multiply :)

Tommi Trudeau-Street

Hi Holly.. I maintained my integrity and made sure that I was always a TRUSTWORTHY person.. Because I never betrayed my own integrity, I soon found myself placed in positions of TRUST and I AROSE FROM THE ASHES!

Tommi Trudeau-Street

Hi Teri.. Once we are under way.. I would LOVE for you and Pat to come visit! Tell Pat to have faith... He has a potential HIT on his hands..

Regan Crummer

Wow! That is a magnificent story! Inspiring my friend R

Lydea Torres

Me too my fiancee was murdered and a decade later completed 3 full feature films, prod,directed, acted...c u in Hollywood! Lydil Lydia

Holly Dell

Thanks Tommi. It's still a vague answer. My character traits can only go so far without opportunities discovered and given. But everyone's path can be different.

Tommi Trudeau-Street

Hi Holly... There was no PLAN... I made sure that I maintained my integrity and that I was a person worthy of trust.. I then followed my heart and hit the pavement working hard every day to make my dreams come true and daily, opportunities presented themselves that helped me rise from the ashes..

Dianna Chycki

Hi Tommi, Your story is truly inspiring as I can totally relate. Currently going through some challenges in my life. Your success sounds like "The Secret" reaching out to the Universe. Congratulations on your accomplishments.

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