Loglines & Screenplays by Jeff Naparstek

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Borrowed Time


A man has a vivid dream that he's going to die in thirty days.  He's not sure if acting on his premonition will prevent his fate... or cause it.

When in Rome

GENRES: Comedy

Set in ancient Rome, a struggling farmer falls for the emperor's daughter but the emperor has other plans in this zany, romantic comedy.


GENRES: Comedy

A computer glitch causes an inordinate amount of winners.  The Lottery Commission has to find a solution... and fast!

Oh, my Leo!

GENRES: Fantasy, Comedy

A man is given the opportunity to spend twenty-four hours with his wife... three days after his death.

The Answering Machine

GENRES: Drama, Comedy

An old answering machine message opens a world of discovery for a young woman seeking her biological father.

The Tenant

GENRES: Comedy

An out-of-work actor inherits a house complete with a destructive tenant. He's got to find a way to get her out before she destroys his house.

Terminal Jew


A would-be suicide bomber questions his mission when he sees the humanity of his intended victims up close.

Fate is a Four-Letter Word

GENRES: Fantasy, Comedy

In this celestial farce, when God decides to take a vacation, all hell breaks loose on Earth.

The Justinians

GENRES: Historical, Fantasy

In a story spanning five hundred years, Native and African Americans band together to avenge racial crimes.

The Arab Messiah

GENRES: Fantasy, Drama

An archaeology student becomes a surrogate mother in an experiment to reanimate the cells of an ancient Egyptian king.


GENRES: Sci-fi


A lunar supply ship is nearly destroyed by a meteorite attack. With her co-pilot dead, a magnetic anomaly hurls the craft back to Earth thirty thousand years in the past.

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