Success Stories: MAY'30 I can't believe it happened just like that ! Thanks Stage 32 site owners and the crew .

Julian Nabunya

I can't believe it happened just like that ! Thanks Stage 32 site owners and the crew .

Hey : Every one , i woulld like to share good news with every one here over my achievement on this site in shortest period of time , i have just signed release with Alex Pop as a second unit director and producer for his up coming documentary SOFTWARNING HARD . Alex and I, met on this site this year in April as he was looking for unit director from Uganda , since that time we have been negotiating our working terms till we agreed on 28th of May 2013 , I'm so happy . thanks stage 32 . CHEERS EVERY ONE .

Julian Nabunya

you can follow the project, Its already listed here [stage 32] on Alex's profile , if other wise i will keep you posted always .

Karen Keslen


Elaine Haygood


Diana Eiranova-Kyle


Eddie Bayne

Congratulations !

Eric Ramsey


Mary Rives

ys, hearty congrats!

Mona Deutsch Miller

Interesting title. What's it about?

Moses Mugo

Good job I wish you all the best

Arhynn Descy

Congratulations, Julian!! Enjoy it!! Arhynn

Mark Souza

Congratulations. I love success.

Julian Nabunya

thanks every one above , The film is warning doc ,on what can happen if the world can ever be with out computer use , image what can happen if all soft ware can crash on this planet , Alex is looking to get answers , on from the world , Uganda happened to be area of his interest , and i"m working to collect people;s view . if you need o know more about this , you can follow the project on Alex Pop 's profile its already listed here on stage . cheers every one

Richard "RB" Botto

This is just fabulous, Julian!

Sean Connolly

This is awesome news, well done Julian :)

Mary Firmin

Congratulations Julian. It is wonderful to hear good news. I wish you all the very best, Mary Firmin, author Deadly Pleasures.

Nina Norstrom

Wow, Julian, you go girl!!!!

Padma Narayanaswamy

Congrats. I also love this site . Due to the grace of God I also pray to emaluate your success and get a producer for my success

Matt Sanford

two thumbs up!

Lisa Souza

So happy for you, Julian. Love it when things work out.

Author Savannah Jackson

Congrats to you!

Kaede Kimura Loh

Many congrats to u... Good job!!!

Nina Norstrom

That is wonderful news; congratulations!

Dr. Randall Maxwell

Good job Julian

Harry Duffin

Congratulations, Julian. Good luck with the project.

Hershey Wingler

Inspiring! Best of luck.

Stacey Genève Travis

Hi Julian! I wish you all the best!

Pat Yeary

Wonderful! wonderful! Wonderful! God is good. I am thrilled for you.

Nina Norstrom

Awesome; what an accomplishment!

Richard "RB" Botto

Have to say, the support here is simply fantastic...

Jamie Dedeaux

That is great, congrats ;)

Wayne Jarman


Nina Norstrom

Wow, what an accomplishment for you!!

Julian Nabunya

thanks every one above for your support . i will be keeping you posted on this .

Alex Pop

Hey Julian, Thanks for sharing it. :)

Lina Jones

Great story! Good luck to you both with future success keep us informed. I tell you Stage32 is what to do when your in the industry!

Julian Nabunya

thanks every one for your support , i will keep you posted as we move on , as for now we are finalizing with our preps , other wise i just wise the best of luck to every one contribution to SOFT WARNING HARD doc . cheers to you all .

Rafael J. Noblé

Congratulations Julian! Keep the dream alive!

Alex Pop

The title is "Softwaring Hard".

Sheila Schenkel

Congrats! Nice :-)

Janet Stafford

That's wonderful! Congratulations!

Don Riemer

Great news Julian! Have a wonderful shoot!

Carmen Anthony Fiore

Good move and proves that one hand really does help the other.

Victoria Stevens

Sounds awesome

Mary Filmer

Hi Julian, that's great, you must be over the moon. Well done and good luck with the project too. Mary Filmer Children's Author

Bob Kiely

Good show! Best of Luck.

Jason Donnelly

That is wonderful, I'm happy for you. Congrats. I see so many posts on here and often wonder how many actually turn into something. Don't forget to tell us more about the project when you get started. Maybe even start a blog about the experience? More posts like this please!

Brian Foster

Awesome! Congratulations.

Michael B Jackson

Fantastic! ! Congratulations!

Jason Donnelly

AWESOME. I have some programmer friends who were on the forefront of audio software production back during the tech bubble who would absolutely love to see this. A few of which invented some amazing music technologies for Apple and Microsoft with their programming know how. I also dabbled in basic programming back in the 80s when I was in sixth grade LOL Please keep us updated. Nerd alert!

Julian Nabunya

@ Jason i will post onto this blog as production goes on , how i work out thing with Alex and the rest of team in it , probably working in distance is another experience in all ways . communication can only be done on line or phone but it doesn't matter , we shall have SOFT WARNING HARD done otherwise i will be shooting my participants between 4th - 10 of Aug . already the cast and crew is been chosen all Ugandan , some of them are already listed here on stage , you can still follow from IMDB link . in any way i wish every one in it the best of Luck .

Alex Pop

Hey Julian, you can give me their names and I will add them as contributors to the project.

Efefiong Akpan


Suzan Perry

Congrats that is just spectacular

Janet Scott

Fabulous.... just goes to show... you never know... Congratulations.

Janet Scott

Fantastic... it does just go to show... you never know. Congratulations .

Paul Elliott

Congratulations to the both of you for having a good project to work on.

Denise Turney


Fred Klingenhagen

total coolness

Phinias B. Elijah

Wow, congratulations !!

Talus Night

Great news, congratulations!

Brianna Lee McKenzie

Yay! Congratulations!

Andrea Thompson

This is really turning out to be remarkable! The tie between Uganda and Los Angeles is amazing. Julian - great job with all the work you are doing for this film in Uganda.

Alex Pop

There's nobody from LA involved in this, though.

Andrea Thompson

Alex, my apologies, I saw you were from Canada, but for some reason I typed LA. Honest mistake! What you are doing is incredible. I love the concept.

Alex Pop

Thank you :)

Joseph Zaffuto


Julian Nabunya

thanks every one above for the support , your text on this blog has been very encouraging through out the production of our unit . i have successfully finished shooting what i think Alex wanted from Uganda other wise if he ever decides to go public about what his making / Soft warning hard in the making , then you will be posted here . in any way good Luck every one in it . Julian

Rony Mugerwa

i like

Richard "RB" Botto

This story just keeps getting better, Julian.

Jose Alvarez


Stacey Genève Travis

Congratulations Julian! I wish you all the best!

Cheri Dodd

awesome news! Here's to many more prosperous and creative connections!

Iris Brown

Congratulations! Best to you both.

Stephane ( SteveO ) Ouellet

Very cool..... congrats....

Julie Kendall

Great to hear! Congrats!

Andrea Thompson

How's the film going?

Stephane ( SteveO ) Ouellet

Very cool... I shot a short film with Alex Pop this last weekend and shooting another this coming weekend with him.... he is a great guy... fun to work with....

Alex Pop

Hey Stephane, thank you very much. I'm looking forward to working iwth you again! Andrea, for Softwaring Hard, things are moving on (slowly, but continuously) - I shall have all the footage by the end of this month and release is planned for December. :)

Andrea Thompson

Thanks for the update Alex! I'm really excited for this one :)

Julian Nabunya . thanks every one above for supporting us from day one till now , you can continue your support as you share our indie go campaign in your social net works , a dollar can also help a lot , as we work to get funds and finish our film . thanks in advance on behalf of team . Julian

Janet Biery

Congratulations. Will you be producing the film in Middle Tennessee?

Julie Kendall

awesome news! OMG! That's what I call making it happen! It's hearing stories like this that reminds us, that dreams do come true. You just have to put fear aside, and put yourself into action, and viola!!! So happy for you! Please do keep me in mind if you need an actress in my age range, or help with anything else - All the best to you! Much success!! Yours Truly, Julie Kendall

Julian Nabunya

@Janet , Soft warning Hard is post production now due to be released next year . but any way thanks

Julian Nabunya

@Julie good luck and happy new year

Cheryll Thompson Ganzel


Comedian D'Lo Hutchins


Jose Alvarez


Robert James Atton

Congrats, that's awesome news!!

Julian Nabunya

Thanks every one above for congratulating us . happy near

Jason Donnelly

keep us posted on your progress in 2014

Gavion E. Chandler

Congrats and break a leg. I have learned it just takes time, faith and perseverance and knowing that you will make it. I wish you well. Gavion E. Chandler~ 'Man is hi own devil.'

Comedian D'Lo Hutchins

Hey Gavion, your signature should be HIS own devil right? LOL

Gavion E. Chandler

'Man is his own devil.' is a philosophy of thought, that indoctrinates my writing and my art. The thought that Man in his hopes and fears come to create devils and gods in those ideas that transpire in wonders and terrors as only Man can begin to imagine, dream and dread to be. ... oh my computer didn't register the 's' so yes. I thought it was a philosophical approach with the CAPS LOL but you are right. Gavion E. Chandler~ 'Man is his own devil.'

Comedian D'Lo Hutchins

Hahahahahaha, yeah, maybe I should have put it differently....but hey, thanks for educating us. lol.

Gavion E. Chandler

you are quite welcome but it is but simple observation.

Lila Martinez

yei. congratulations

Eddie Bayne


Stephen Ossias

It's a small world, after all!

Alex Pop

How small can it be?

Gavion E. Chandler

pinch your fingers together and peek through and say, "I'm squishing your head." :) that small

James Peters

That is so very cool! CONGRATULATIONS!

Julian Nabunya

Release of trailer for Soft warning Hard , i hope you will enjoy .

Richard "RB" Botto

First of all...Porcovete Pictures? I love it! Trailer looks great. Intriguing!

Alex Pop

Hey Richard, I'm glad you liked the trailer. And also Porcovete Pictures (it's our company and I did all my shorts under this).

Julian Nabunya

@RB thanks for compliment , i notice you have been following all along .

Richard "RB" Botto

Certainly have, Julian. A thrill to watch it all develop.

Julian Nabunya

Thanks @RB , all i can say it's awesome to live here on stage 32 , if it wasn't that quick decision i made after i read that direct email from twitter with link directing me to this site in march 2012 , then i doubt if i would have met Alex by now not even in my life probably . other wise i wish every one here the best of luck .

Alex Pop You can contribute and help this project get to more success :D

Sharon Anderson


Greg Rempel


Mary Filmer

Good for you.

Alex Pop

I created a new campaign, you can check it here:

Julian Nabunya

Thanks every one above for the support you have offered all along ,but please you can help send this into cinema as you share with your network our new campaign , one or two dollars can make a difference please. Thanks in advance . Julian

Alex Pop

Latest trailer is here:

Suzanne Sadler

Too cool!

Jane Hobson

Well done!

Zachary Gray

Congrats! Stories like this are always good to see :-)

Victor Titimas

Congratulations and best of luck!:)

Tom Freyer


Elizabeth Yoder

Congratulations! That's awesome

Alex Pop

Thank you!

Jose Alvarez

Congrats hustle on señorita

Deanna Talcott Pyle

Huge congrats!

Heather Hale

Awesome! Congrats Julian! ;-)

Thomas Doran

Congratulations Julian! That's fantastic news. All the very best with this project and your future projects.

Maureen Hill

Congratulations Julian

Luke Stewart


Michael Tyrone Boyd


Andrew D Ford

Billy Tee

I have only recently joined, and I would have to agree that this is a great forum for great things to happen, way to go! Billy Tee

Julian Nabunya

Thanks every one above .

Joe Trlica

Julian, congratulations on your sucess.

Ginia Desmond


Mercedes Georgina McQueen


Geveryl Robinson

Beautiful!! insert Happy Dance here

Cheryl Doel


Michael P. Young


Deana Moody


Robert D. Miles

Way to go Mate and good luck with the project... Robert

Cherrye Vasquez, Ph.D.

Congratulations are in order!! I am always happy to see such progression. I hope to have someone adapt my children's chapter book, Clique, Clique, STOP into a play one day. Since bullying is so prominent these days, this book about change, diversity, cliques and bullying would be quite fitting going into schools as a traveling or stage play. Best of luck to you with this grand endeavor!!

Larisa Avtukhova


Angel Matheson

Congratulations!! Best of luck.

Deana Moody


Ginia Desmond

Boy! That's great! good things happen on this site...

Pat Yeary

Congratulations!!! That is wonderful!!!

Anne Stafford

Congratulations Julian and the trailer has piqued my interest…I'm intrigued to see the whole thing now!

Julian Nabunya

Thanks every one above for your support .

Deana Moody


Lina Jones

Congrats Julian best of luck

louis phillips

Africa is a breeding ground for new ideas. Not, like it is going to happen, but like it is, the edge, the front, the new speak. The Americans run things in a default way, because a lot of real unnderstanding, is fled their way. THE coprorate dilly wacker is not sublime, nor are the various trades in support, worried about the idea. With Producers come; a certain commercial ethic. if we all want to be great the mission is apositional precise, lent to us quickly to maintain a purpose. Telling stories is a consuming prophecy of things...[and i wish this program had a decent spell check...naaaahh.]

Yelena Demikovsky

Congratulations, Julian! I also have been working on the documentary about one village in Sierra Leone. I had to stop now since there is no funds to continue at the moment. Plus, I have to finish my documentary "Black Russians: The Red Experience". Now we are looking for funds to complete it. PLease, LIKE us on FB. Here is a webpage with the trailer although I am editing a new one. It's a co-production with the UK.

Maureen Hill

What an fascinating project!

Yelena Demikovsky

Thank you, Maureen!

Gabriell DeBear Paye

Congrats! I'm so happy for you. We need great African stories. I lived in Liberia for 2 years and I love Africa!

Melody McLellan


Mary Ellen Gavin

Great News!!!!!

Fo Bo

That is exciting, Julian!

Garland Thompson Jr.


Ken Belsky

Hard to fathom how helpful Stage 32 seems to be for all areas of the film biz. Congrats on your employed status. Feels good don't it?

Lisa Manfrede

Yes! Congratulations! That is terrific!

Beer Nan

Very cool to hear situations like this!

Lisa Manfrede

Yes, this may be a good time to ask if anyone is interested in collaborating in a writing project. I am looking for a live-in partnership arrangement. I also have a published book I've started creating into screenplay series. Please contact me, if you are interested in knowing more. Thank You, Lisa

Pete Papageorge

Congratulations! Best of luck!

Julian Nabunya

Thanks every one above . your support counts a lot .

Ruby Kleinschmidt

Good for you!!!

Rebecca Ann Dowty

Awesome! Congratulations! :-)

Mercedes Georgina McQueen

Julian Nabunya,Thats most excellent!!! Congrats!!

Jon Douglas Rainey

This is encouraging as a new member. Congratulations and keep us posted on your progress.

Catherine Eveleth


Mary Ellen Gavin

Cheers to you, Julian! We raise our glass to you success.

Evelynne Ralph-Larner


Cherrye Vasquez, Ph.D.

Wow! Congratulations, Julian.

Angel Matheson


Henrik Vagner

Awesome! Congratulations and good luck! :-)

Cherene Snow


Andrew Thomas Pitkin

Awesome! Congratulations!

Emerantia Parnall-Gilbert

Awesome news indeed Julian :) You must be floating a couple of inches above the ground lol!

Heather Hale

WHO HOO! Huge congrats! ;-)

Denise Turney


Julie Kendall

Awesome news!!! Congrats!!

Andrew D Ford

Way to go Alex!..LOL

Cassie Hicks

Congratulations, Julian, I know you'll go far. BTW, I hope it's not too much to ask, but do you know any Chicago publicists? B/c I have three topics that are based on soap operas and music, and I thought I could share those w/someone. I thought I could give you some services. If you know someone, great. If not, that's OK, I'll look to someone else.:)

Rachel Walker


Will Roberts

Boom! congrats ...

Pete Borreggine

You Rock Send a postcard from your travels and remember me when you're famous!

Cassie Hicks

Congratulations, Ms. Julian.:)

Julian Nabunya

Thanks every one above.. Cheers.

DC Harrison

Great news, congrats!

Sam Borowski


Winnie Khaw

That's great to hear!

Brian Fitzgerald

Very cool, great case study for Stage 32! Thanks for sharing.

Alainna MacPherson

That's so awesome! Congrats!

Samura Kargbo

wow great

John Mezes

Terrific news! Very happy for you! Continued success!

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