Screenwriting : My Series has been Greenlighted!!!! {4.9.21} by Kacee Diehl DeMasi

Kacee Diehl DeMasi

My Series has been Greenlighted!!!! {4.9.21}

I started pitching by cold-calling producers in July 2020, then did verbal pitching on this platform after thorough research of producers. 

 Today I had a zoom call with producers to who I originally did a verbal pitch in January 2021 - I also sent them my prequel reel, sizzle reel, amazing pitch deck with marketing strategies, and lots of research done.  

 They are moving forward with the series .   Exciting times ahead.  

Never give up on your dream and oh do not believe the naysayers because it happens I am living proof. let the creative juices flow.   - Thanks for chiming in!!! :)  LIVE YOUR DREAM!!!

James Welday


Kacee Diehl DeMasi

James Welday Thank you so much

Jose Eduardo Penedo

That's so inspiring for all of us Kacee Diehl DeMasi !!!!

All the best for you and your project and please keep us updated!

Andrea Zastrow

That's fantastic! So happy for you!

Morris Stuttard

Such good news. Wow!! Well done, and massive CONGRATS!!!

Luciano Mello


Frank Hays


John Mezes

Wonderful news for you! Terrific! Best of Luck!

Dan Guardino

Kacee DeMasi. Congrats! That is great news and keep up the good work.

Craig D Griffiths

Well done. Keep us informed so we can motivate a ground swell on release.

Mario Turchiarolo

Congratulations!!! That's amazing!!

David Santo


Natalia Grayfer


Joe Thayer


Sonita K.w.i

wuuhuu ..Amazing news ! Congrats

Doug Nelson

Nice going Kacee; bet you're happier than a clam at high tide. Hope & pray that all goes well.

Jack Chaucer


Christopher Phillips


Ahmed Hassouna


Jerry Robbins

That is fantastic news!!! Huge congratulations!

Erik A. Jacobson

Congrats, Kacee! Your hard work has paid off.

Martin Reese


Carol Brooks


Leona McDermott


Christiane Lange

Great! Title?

Becky Fink

Many congrats, Kacee! That's excellent news!

Marcin Klinkosz


Craig Parsons

Congratulations... way to go!

Tisha Turner


Monica Mansy

Kacee DeMasi congratulations!!! That's amazing news!

Maurice Vaughan

Congrats, Kacee.

Barry John Terblanche

Congrats Kacee!

Kumar Sambhav

WOAAAW Kacee Diehl DeMasi many congratulations !!

Kacee Diehl DeMasi

Thank you all for the well-wishes. Everything is hush-hush right now. As we move forward I will surely let everyone know. Exciting times with lots of work happening, lucky to have two amazing producers who see my vision and desire to be a part of bringing it to the screen. :)

James Austin McCormick


Rachel Walker

Congradulations Kacee!

Luemisher James

Beautiful Kacee:) I'm lit for you! CongratS!

Christian Nommay

Congratulations, Kacee! Always good and inspiring to hear about other creators' success.

Doug Kayne


Gary Floyd

Great job. Don't slow down.

Bill Albert

Awesome!!! Hope you have a long and successful career.

Monika Naidoo

Awesome news, congrats!!!

Cynthia McCoggle

That's fantastic! Congrats!

Tameka Mullins

Congratulations! I needed this inspiration this morning!

Renato Fuly

Congratulation! This is amazing! :)

Rebecca Riseling

SO PLEASED to hear this, Kacee! You put your hard work in and, oh boy are you being rewarded! Yippee!

Joanna Karselis

Congratulations!! What an achievement!

Stacey McClain


Elaine Shelly

Congrats! Very happy for your success!

Mike Gasaway


Mike Gasaway

If you need any help with preproduction reach out

Los Angeles Barea


Amanda Cloninger

This is so awesome! Congratulations! Wooo! Hard work paid off!! Can’t wait to hear more about it as things move forward and I will definitely be keeping an eye out for casting! So happy for you!

Claude Gagne

Felicitations! Bravo! A new page in your life. Keep us posted.

Scott Dokey

That’s awesome!!! Congratulations!

Kevin Clawson

Congrats! That’s awesome!

Scott Black

Nicely done. This is the part that I lack. I can do the writing but the cold calling is the part I'd like an agent to do. ;)

Mariannjely Marval

amazing news!!! congrats Kacee!!!

Freyja Seren

Congratulations!! That's awesome news! Good luck with the process! :)

Matthias Willems


Bill Costantini

Hi Kacee,

That's awesome news for you. I watched a couple of your videos on your profile page here regarding your life's road, and you are an awesome and inspirational person. I would imagine that your show is somewhat related to that, and I wish you and your family the best in everything.

Best fortunes in your creative endeavors, Kacee, and stay safe!

Thomas Jenkins

That's amazing! Congratulations!

Stephanie Madison

This is so inspiring, Kacee! You give me hope. Congrats and thanks for sharing. :-)

Aimee DuFresne


Ed Huery

Huge Congrats!! Amazing.

Mike Gasaway

VERY inspiring! Congrats!

Ugo Cavallo

Go for it! ;)

Alexander Merelo

Awesome!!! Huge congrats!!

Theo Lavizzo

That is amazing and inspirational! Can't wait to see your dream on TV.

Jim Boston

Kacee, all the VERY BEST to you! Way to go!

Izzibella Beau

Congratulations, that' awesome news

Warren Bouchier

Excellent stuff! Keep on going!

Kelly Nelson

Break a leg!

Gayle Herbert Robinson

This is wonderful, big congratulations! Thanks for the encouraging words, I needed to hear them. Next Emmy!

Felicia Renae

YEAAAAAASSS!!!! GREAT WORK!!! And thank you for sharing your story!! So encouraging!

Jeffrey Milne

Congratulations. That's the payoff we like to hear on here.

Jerome Passariello

How do I pitch my script to someone? The script is almost finished

Andrew Austin

congratulations !

Jaye Adams

Mahooosive congrats!!! Exciting times ahead and can’t wait to hear more! Fantastic!

Julian Martin

That’s awesome Kacee! I wish you strength and luck.

Louisa Kendrick Burton

Congratulations Kacee Diehl DeMasi !

Doug Nelson

Greenlighted or greenlit - makes no difference - congrats.

Malian Jasmine Lahey


Angela VanZandt-Bumpass

These are words we all wish to hear and it makes my heart soar to hear them about you. Bless your heart times a thousand! I mean it. You are under the favor!

Julio Antonio Toro

Best of luck with your project!

LaTaveya Vault


Dan Davis

Congratulations! That's amazing, and so inspirational. Can't wait to hear more.

Paul Hewitt

That's great news, Kacee. You're an inspiration to us searching for a producer.

Anna Manis


Vanshdeep Singh

So happy for you! This is just the kind of success story I wanted to hear for inspiration :) Do tell when it gets completed :)

Myriam B

Nice! good work. *** happy dance ***

C. S. César

Amazing! Congrats! :D

What do you mean by verbal pitch? Did you pay for the pitch sessions and 1-to-1 call? Or was it throughout the contests?

Brent Bergan

Congrats!!!! That's so cool.

Anne Cattaruzza

That's amazing! Exciting time indeed!

Trace Talbot

congrats ... tell us more!

Jessica Hoffman


Wally Wu


David Cameron

Congrats for all your hard work and persistence!

Trace Talbot

Again congrats... that is great that you filled us non the process.... Keep us posted on your acting needs if you need a seasoned teen actor.... insta account @tracetalbot

Melanie Star Scot

That's amazing! congrats!! And thanks for posting so the rest of us know that it really does work!!

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