Anything Goes : Mentor by Luis R. Quintero

Luis R. Quintero


If you could pick ONE person to mentor you ...who would it be?

Owen McCuen

@GroovyBruce Bruce Campbell. Always working, takes care of his fans, and takes his craft seriously (but doesn't take himself too seriously).

Mark Ratering

and from michigan go bruce

LB McGill

Gabriel Axel

LB McGill

Although he's dead so my next choice is Kenneth Branagh.... oh lord help me- if only...

James Holzrichter

Victor Wooten

William Richburgh II

Wow, tough, one so many great ones...Denzell Washington

Maiu Krik

Sanford Meisner

Rick Winslow

Chad. That was my first thought also. Eastwood.

Dusty Miller

Gus Van Sant.....

Mark Ratering

Loralie ken's not dead?

Amanda-Ashley Carrigan

Idina Menzel or Johnny Depp. =]

LB McGill

@ Mark... oh no... he's very much alive alive ohhhhh! I meant Gabriel Axel. :) Gabriel Axel is best known for a very lovely movie called Babbette's feast done in 1989. I can't even add it to my desert island movies which is sad.

Brian Stupski

Mark Millar.

Robert S. Evans

I already have a mentor in Jeff Burr. Great guy. If I had to pick another it would be Sam Mendes. Stanley Kubrick would be cool, but I he always came off a little obsessive when he was alive. But that was his best film making trait.

Rob Moore

Loralie, I haven't thought of Babbette's feast in eons...Ha. I had a visual of her eating passionatley when I read your post... I need to find that film and watch it again. As I sorta remember, it made me want to eat! Thanks for making me smile.

LB McGill

honestly- it's my favorite film. it definitely inspired my latest project "Dinner for Twelve" The message of the movie was really "healing through art" My favorite line is when she says "All any artist ever wants is the opportunity to do her best. The story was actually written by Isac Dinesen... in my mind one of the greatest story tellers that ever lived, but- really that's just me :) and she ironically hated movies. lol

Rob Moore

I had no idea who wrote it and how funny she hated movies. But what a pun intended. Ha. Will have to see your "Dinner for Twelve". Thanks again for your info, I love this site and your wit. Why don't you read my bio and let me know what you think. Take care...

LB McGill

oh I read it! I'm so tempted. I had a young actress from Slovenia just contact me. She's asked me to help her with a story for credit. Because she's from Slovenia and I have no experience with it's people or places, there's a lot of going back and forth about names and places and so on. Then there's my novel and well I need to get paid for something rob!!! :p lol. It's the only way to save my poor husband from spending the rest of his life as a civil engineer! All kidding aside- let's keep it in mind, you never know what might develop. Dinner for twelve is still in the very early stages, I'm only 4 pages into it. I should be able to finish up my young friends script in the next 60 days... so you never know. :)

Rob Moore

I totally understand and look forward to it. It is such an important story that will do alot of good even though I suffered for it, but that sounds like a creative anyway doesn't it. Ha! I will be honing my skills and have thought about the "", would love your thoughts on them. Keep me posted and can't wait to hear more. Take care and wishing you all the best...

Fleur Alys Dobbins

This is a good question. I'd say off the top of my head Judi Dench to mentor me in all things Shakepeare and then Oprah to mentor me in business. (Just business).

Dave Robertson

Jackie Chan been my idle since i was a child and is the reason i became an actor and stunt man :D

Helen Dearnley

Steve Barron. He directed A-ha's Take On Me video, amongst other things.

Inga McClellan

Anthony Hopkins, he is fab in all of his movies!

J. Brian

Alfred Hitchcock... but since he's not available Robert Rodriguez.

Matt Milne

John Williams

Robert Smith Mfa

Paul McCartney. He gets things done.

Isabel Olea

Either Steven Spielberg or David Fincher. Pure geniuses.

Chan Spear

Kate Winslet<3 She's a great actress, wonderful mother and an amazing role model to women of all ages.

Blanca de Francisco

I tried to think of someone off the top of my head, and I kept coming back to Robert Downey Jr.

Sarah Adam

If I could pick one person I would have to say, well it would be a tie really between Tim Burton and James Cameron. They both make outstanding films, although im not sure either do what im in school for but it would be awesome to be able to see what they do since i want to help in making films after college.

Nikki April Lee

James Cameron. The way he writes a film script is undescribeable. Titanic script is downright beautiful. A different feel from the movie.

Yvonne Haugen

Brad Bird, Peter Lord, Nick Park or Tim Burton are great big geniuses - although that doesn't mean that they'd be great mentors ... So perhaps just go for the Dalai Llama?

S. Spencer

I would probably choose someone different for every area of my interest, but just off the top of my head I thought of Errol Morris. I've focused on screenwriting for a long time, but I have an overwhelming urge to pursue nothing but documentary-making. To me, Morris is the best.

Dave Stair

Darth Sidious

Brian Stupski

Or Darth Maul. After all, there was a character who turned about three minutes of screen time into millions in merchandising... with relatively no back-story, history, or effect on overall plot, aside from being cut in half. Genius.

xxZeee (Producer)

Pharrel, the man is a musical genuis

Maurisha Alston

Zoe Saldana or Gabrielle Union. They are amazing actresses that know how to balance a subtle sex appeal with raw talent.

Lisa (Riddle) West

William Goldman. I think he's beyond brilliant.

David M Troop

If it means spending lots of time with this person in close proximity, I would have to pick Jessica Alba.

Yvonne Haugen

Ha Ha, David! You win :)

akpe ododoru

Micheal Bay

Debs de Vries

Just ONE? OK, Johnny Depp. I fancy myself as a lady pirate already - I'd want him to help me dig really deep into my eccentricity and emotions.

Marie Pier Perreault

Definitely Stana Katic.

David Federman

A tie between Howard Shore and Joe Hisaishi. Apprenticing under either of them would be the experience of a lifetime.

Tony Smith

Robert Di Niro, With All His Experience!!

Eric Waters

Leonardo Da Vinci (seriously)

Les Edgerton

Shane Black

Uuganaa Ramsay

Danny Boyle

Wendi Koble

Thelma Schoonmaker

Brownie & Billy Wiseman

MINE would be Actress Kym Karath and Malibu High teacher Lisa Szilagyi if you asked why i picked them i say Google it i rather not say as if they ever found out they would know the answer.

Scott Luper

Without a doubt, Roger Corman. I would drop everything today and take a job with him. I don't care what job. For the prospect of picking up some bit of wisdom from him, I do it. Today.

Mark Ratering

Scott my Rodger Corman story. Must be 20 years ago I get a call from his office. I had been sending out resumes so I was so excited to get in with Rodger Corman himself. As a producer he had been my hero. I was waiting outside his office thinking the great things I would tell him about myself. That I was a film-maker that was worthy of working with his greatness. I get called in and am sitting with the great Rodger Corman. He says "So you want to be my son's tutor"? That day I didn't get the tutoring job or the film job but did meet "The Great" Rodger Corman.

Jimmy Mckensie Smith

my mentor is the classics . i liketo study the art form of Leonardo davinci , the creative genius of shakesspear and the middle ages of Arts, music and poetry. take a look at my website

Tanya Dorri

Lars Van Trier...don't even ask! :):)

Scott Luper

Mark, I'm sorry you didn't get one or both Corman jobs, but what a great story.

Sal Rastegar

Second choice: Present me to twenty me. First choice: David Letterman.

Rene Driessen

Danny Kaye, but because he is no longer alive, maybe Robin Williams or Dustin Hoffman, I don't ask for much ... I know !

Patrick Hampton

Joss, JJ, Taratino, Bruce Campbell... Aka I am looking right now but feel like it won't happen. Always found my own way.

Terrea Latise

Maya Angelou

Aron Sperling

Morgan Freedman, he is just guy who says what is on his mind, states truth, could care less about anyones color and race and is a superb actor, I think the most underated and one of the best in history,

Andrew C Tanner

(Dead) Stanley Kubrick (alive) Paul Thomas Anderson.

Theresa Garchitorena

Film - Steven Spielberg. Life - Paulo Coelho

Glenn Burnett

Thanks for the invite, Luis. If I could "pick ONE person to mentor me...who would it be?".....Me. I would be a great mentor. I'd be a great protégé too. Why? Well any mentor will tell you there's no prestige in being called a mentor. It's all about the protégé. That's why the protégé gets the better sounding title. Heck I'd be a great mentor for picking ANYBODY to be my protégé. Just by giving them the title makes me a faster working more effective mentor. Think of all the folks out there never chosen to be a protégé. Their lives so much less meaningful, less valid because no one would just step up with their mentor hat and tap them as their subject. It's SO easy, yet not many people do it. They all think they're too busy or too good to mentor. The main reason I'd be a great mentor? I'm AVAILABLE. WHO SAID OPRAH?! Oprah's not available. What about Ghandi? Tim Tebow, too young. Jay Leno, please, unless you're a collectible car or motorcycle, good luck. I'm available. I'll be your mentor. One thing though, it all has to be done online. I can't meet in person. I'm kind of in over my head with the in-person mentoring. Bet your other mentors would never admit that. Yeah, I have too many real protégés. Got to where my job was in jeopardy. What mentor wants to lose his/her job over a non-paying mentoring gig?! That would be counter-intuitive. I'm still the best mentor, first or second life. Boo-ya!

Michael St. Julien

my mentor would be Denzel Washington--I think his acting is outstanding

Glenn Burnett

Thank you for wasting your time on me. Anyone who has read my mentor response would have passed me over, but you have taken me to task. Perhaps you'd be a lock for best mentor. You have a great name for it. But maybe you'd be a better guru or yogi. While a literary editor you are not, a very wise-man are you. The first thing I learned in your unsolicited tutelage was that mentoring is a very serious topic. A mentor must be have gravitas. A protégé must have discipline. George Burns for instance would be a terrible mentoring choice, or would he? As a comedian, Jay Leno has given his share of being made fun by others. Jay Leno is a great mentor. I hope that one day I'll be made fun of as much as him. His generosity is wonderful. I'm not really sure I should accept your invitation, but after considering how lacking you are in -my type- of humor, the good kind (LOL), I accept. You can now tell people that you are my online protégé. I will however retain my position of plausible deniability. Note: Online comments that reach the length of my response aren't always meant to be serious. However, I should have recognized that many folks get tired after reading more than two statements in an online context and "tired" becomes overdramatized. This is why I am the great mentor-protegé match. I can see how some could envy such a relationship. I will look up this "Big Fat Liar" movie and see how it stacks up to my version of mentoring. Until we meet again, online. Cheers, Glenn PS- I like the statement "a True mentor your not", but myself -the "True protégé" would disagree. Protegé speak! "Glenn is a great online mentor. He knows what motivates me to be a great protégé. I would never have made it as a great protégé if it weren't for him detailing what makes a great protégé. Lesson 1: Recognize the great humility of your mentor. Lesson 2: Tell everyone about the greatness of your mentor. Lesson 3: If you bore your mentor to sleep, try mentoring yourself. Lesson 4: Only a great mentor would have created a Lesson 3 for protégés like me! I love ya Billy. ;-)

Glenn Burnett

I've gotta ask my mentor to teach me more one liners. Goodness! Until I posted this, I didn't realize it was ridiculously verbose.

Brownie & Billy Wiseman

Denzel Washington? Quincy Archibald john Q loved that movie.

Emanuel F. Camacho, Pmp

I was fortunate enough to learn a lot of the Animation industry from Carl Macek, who passed away. He was a wonderful Mentor, straight to the point, no bullshit, and beyond knowledgeable. With that said, in terms of business and negotiation - Donald Trump - simply because I've taken seminar courses at Harvard Business school where he was a guest speaker, and I have always been in awe of his ability to negotiate in any business scenario... In terms of Hollywood, It is hard to really state one person, there are many aspects of this business that have a variety of people who could Mentor. But for the sake of the word "Mentor" - I would say Martin Scorsese - for an innumerable amount of reasons. If I go with the concept of a Mentor in life, I have been fortunate enough to have been raised by wonderful grandparents that both shaped me into the man I am, I could not have asked for better mentors then they.

Jay Palmieri Jr.

That's hard! For me, I consider John Carpenter, Lady Gaga, Marilyn Monroe, & Alfred Hitchcock my main inspirations! hard to choose.

Emanuel F. Camacho, Pmp

Jay that is one eclectic's awesome!

Richard Vialet

Cinematographer Rodrigo Prieto

Jake Mertz

Vin Diesel

Jeremy Oliver

Michael Kane or Robert De Niro

Anouk Briefjes

Quentin Tarantino!

Nina Hedberg

Joss Whedon, Stephen Spielberg, James Cameron... you know, the greats :)

Scott Murrish

Tom Hanks

Tori Chiarello

Aaron Sorkin

Ray Anthony Martinez

I think that everyone here has some pretty good answers, but as a filmmaker, you either have the talent or you don't. So, I'd rather learn how to raise money than learn filmmaking from James Cameron... I'll go with Jerry Bruckheimer!

Lanny Helton

Frank Darabont.

LJ Polin

Christopher Nolan

Mark E Clason

Michael Omartian

Adriana Li Mandri

If he was alive I would have killed to work with John Huges.

Rebecca O'Donnell

Da Vinci. He even experimented with silver nitrate, making the first "negative" imprinted on linen in existence. James Cameron is the closest to Da Vinci today, insofar as he's an artist, film maker, scientist and inventor. That kind of mind would be fascinating to be around.

Lauren Hoeks

Gaspar Noe!

Tatiana Bennett

Art Alexakis

Stephanie Lynn Smith

Joss Whedon. Or Jane Espenson.

Simon Watt

I go with Sam Jones and John Williams, also David Sylvan and the great Brian Eno, sorry picked 3, Brian Eno if it has to be just one

Christopher Nabb

Going to go with the late, great Mr Brando on this one.

Yolanda Lindeque-Strauss

Steven Spielberg and Terry Pratchett :D

Geahk Burchill

James Cameron. I hear he's tough to work for but I appreciate the concreteness of his vision. He knows exactly what he wants and won't stop until he gets it.

Laurence Clarke

Harvey Weinstein, without a doubt : )

Mathilda Paradeiser

As an actress I'd say Jodi Foster or Michelle Pfeiffer.

Kriss Sprules

Ari Emmanuel; he didn't get to the top of his game by letting his talent rot.

Jimmie Nelson

Martin Scorcese. #PointBlank

Shanika Freeman

Jonathan Larson He was an amazing man who gave it his all until the very end.

Jeremy Rishe

William Shakespeare

Forris Day Jr.

Clint Eastwood. Great actor and fantastic director.

Valerie Dent

Sanford Meisner - would have LOVED to had worked with him.

Brandon D. Hyde

Seamus McGarvey. Dude's a mad genius when it comes to cameras and telling a story. Le sigh.

Nick Biskupek

Robert Downey Jr. Not only is he a great talent but he has been able to bring himself back from the brink of obscurity twice in a business that doesn't offer a lot of first chances never mind second chances. He's a workaholic and his knowledge of how show business works is the main reason he found his way back.

Karen Keslen

Gary Oldman.

Nicolas Hurt

Andrew Carnegie.

Andrew Galves


Robert Smith Mfa

In this business, Clint Eastwood. If I were taking up hitting all over again, Triple Crown winner, Miguel Cabrera.

Patrick Stephan Marshall

Woody Allen, the Cohen Brothers or Ridley Scott. And to hang with, Kevin Smith.

Exlus Bennett

Clint Eastwood...without the chair.

Liv Hansen

I'll say Meryl Streep.

Cynthia Parker

I would choose Nelson Datu Anderson, a veteran actor, director, producer, and screenwriter as my mentor. He has a wealth of wisdom and knowledge to share.

Danielle Rayne

Helen Mirren.

Niq Maximus

Composer Ennio Morricone his arrangements are insane, really knows how to capture emotion

Devin Walker

Bruce Lee, not only a legendary martial artist but a philosopher, actor, and director. And he's not made one bad movie. Though if they have to be living, I'd say James Cameron.

S Angelo Acevedo

this is tough....I can't choose just one; gonna cheat and say Sidney Poitier and Spencer Tracy. Their are/were superior actors who took the craft to a whole other level that I rarely see now. Their individual stories are inspiring.

Alex Sarris

Alex Sarris, I know him well.

Scott C. Brown

Richard Brandon. Since I mentor writers on the business side of the industry, along with how to develop stories and write more effectively, I don't think I would pick any writers, or even directors or producers. I know enough that i can just give one a call. And James Cameron is a great guy, Nikki. I've had the opportunity to talk with him on a few occasions.

Deondrae Porter

LA. Reid. It seems that he knows everything it takes to go major and he can change the way you think about doing things for better

Charles Furfur Lee

Steven Spielberg. Period

Andrew Galves

I picked FDR because film making is much like the political environment for him at the time. Organized chaos that has be controlled and delegated at the highest quality, while understanding the blue collar element of your crew. The ability to see what you need to finish before you start in production is critical. The hardest thing to find in Hollywood is Leadership, good solid Leadership. To me those are the ones that stand out and survive the chaos of good film making... JMO

Abby Bray

Lucille Ball ::sigh::

Mark Ratering

I'm a troll and I resent that

Mark Ratering

I'm not directing this at anyone !!!! is funny in this day and age if you have a video camera your a film-maker. When I came up in the 80's it was still that it took $10,000 a day to make a good movieand you earned your title.... now.... I'm just saying

Brownie & Billy Wiseman

Mark Ratering i just saw your on that group. Your not Trolling me are You? :+}

Forris Day Jr.

Why dont you leave the lady alone and focus on your dogs acting career.

Inga McClellan

Good Idea !

Forris Day Jr.

Lets move on! Stick to the original question. No more attacks on anyone. This should be a possitive group. Everyone here has talent. The question was who would you want as a mentor?

Brownie & Billy Wiseman

god bless you Mrs.Lewis

Scott Mitchell

Dick Smith

Brownie & Billy Wiseman

sal R. Environemental & Energy Advisor at MTC asked this same question and i liked one of the response. Katrina Ross Read • A future version of myself - so I have the benefit of hindsight before making any big career decisions :) Michael "Cap" Caputo pointed out to me assume the best in messages because 99% of the time its just people not able to communicate feelings in written words. Katrina Ross Read i think would make a good mentor looking at the future while at the same Time Picks on herself

Mika Carten (they/them/theirs)

Danni DeVito

Mika Carten (they/them/theirs)

*Danny. Why did I put an "i"?

Bob Johnson

William Goldman or Terry Rossio

Kyle Le Roux

J J Abrams or Zak Snyder. Their story telling techniques amaze and motive me.

Chrissy marie

Probably Wes Craven.

Loren Gilley

Frank Pierson or Gill Dennis

Allen Wayne Ray Jr.

Mike Cheda.

Ian O'Neill

Ron Howard.

Ruthy Wood

Meryll Streep

Jennifer R. Povey

Neil Gaiman

Joseph Anthony

Megan Hilty

Cotton Yancey


Viquii Johannesson (Vicki Johnson)

Denzel Washington

Aarhon Silver

Jane Campion

Mark Schaefer

Robert Rodriguez

Nic Christie

Edward Andrews, who was my mentor entering the acting/film business.

Stuart Anderson


Bieggs Legacy

Nelson Mandela or Thomas Sankara

Adam C. Fisk

Spielberg, no doubt. I know, it's cliche, but although I have my own style and my own thought format, I have also never been more inspired or, in many ways, influenced, by the work and examples of probably the most famous name in Hollywood...

Dirk Van Den Berg

I'd pick the mentor I had, Italian writer and director Andrea Camilleri: he dissembled my arrogant self, laid the pieces in front of me and then gave me the means to put it back together in a better way myself, instead of just telling me how to do it. So I couldn't think of anyone better.

Lina Jones

Welcome Luis, my biggest mentor would have to be JC because without him no one else would exist for us to post about. Good Luck :D

Patrick Stephan Marshall

Oh I didn't realize imaginary characters were allowed too? Then I would like to meet Tony Stark! Besides, JC is not the father of all humans. There were plenty of people who never hear of this myth and still lived - until those telling that myth either killed or converted them... Can we please keep the religious innuendos and propaganda out of the discussions? Thanks!

John Frederick Klenk

Julius Henry "Groucho" Marx

Abraham Nissan

Hey guys, I'm on the run of the production of my new movie screenplay -The W- set to be produced by Amazon Studios/Warner Brothers. I need urgent help to rewrite. Who ever accepts this job, rewrite the entire script, gets 50% of sale and partnership credits as a screen writer. You can read it at: Or follow the project and download it in Amazon Studios:

Alex Sarris

Hey Abraham, I think most screenwriters would be keen though timing is important as we all have project on the run, I myself are currently working on a feature due to complete soon and a TV series, first few episodes. Do you have any signed agreement for this to be produced (including a rewrite)??? I think most writers would want to know the status of the script and if it is a throw away job and start from scratch using the same storyline. Please provide more information. Regards Alex

Abraham Nissan

Hey Alex, the movie script -The W- is at the Development Slate at Amazon Studios website, it means they are interested to develop into a feature film, which means that it is going to be produce it if well treated. There is thus not a presigned agreement for "rewriting", this is on your own, but if success, will be produced by Warner Brothers as a major feature film, and you'll get 50% + credits.

Wenda Zonnefeld

If I could have any mentor - I know it in a heartbeat QUINCY JONES! - But yes, I also love Groucho Marx. Wild story about Groucho, I did a report on him. The requirement was that it had to be about someone not living. That week Groucho made the news about a battle over future inheritance. My teacher gave me back my report and told me to write another. The day before my report was due Groucho died. So I turned it back in (it scored with honors). I didn't know whether to laugh or cry. I later told a relative of his about this, and she told me "Groucho would have loved that story!" So I hope Groucho got a good laugh from it in Heaven. :)

Mark Ratering

I leaned script writing from Nat Parin one of Groucho's writers. He had some great stories about the Marx Bros. Hroucho was a pertect freak. I love his movies still so much.

Alex Dykes

Dream mentor would be Tarantino or Ridley Scott, each for their own reasons.

Mark Ratering

just saw kingdom of heaven again....soooo good

J. Alberto Leyes

J. Alberto Leyes, he is unique

Ty Stone

Philip Bloom

Martha Hazzard Decker

I would pick two brothers who main not be so main stream. Christopher Saint Booth and his brother Philip Booth. Chris writes the music scores for their films and is on iTunes as Christopher Saint. The music is so soul catching. They have such passion to tell the story that it becomes contagious. Their movies are on SyFy, Chiller and have a new series coming out on NBC. I feel blessed to be able to count them as friends and love to talk and absorb their passion. The funny thing is they started out as towel boys in the porn industry, began making scary movies like Ghouls Gone Wild, Death Tunnel and others. Those were shot in known location with paranormal activity which was being caught on camera during filming. Chis and Philip have such a passion that they switched it up and began telling moving stories about the people who were doing the "hauntings." Those have become fantastic documentaries and their caring comes through in what they do. This is why I look to them as mentors and friends. To be able to put show much soul into your movie that it moves and touches just about everyone who watches the stories is wonderful.

Louis Mouchet

Billy Wilder... and more realistically Steven Spielberg

Mark Ratering

Ruth Gordon was such a scene stealer. I loved her so much in Rose Baby at the dinner party when she's eating like a pig at this fancy dinner party. Or when she takes a ring in Harold and Maude.from Bud Cort and she throws the ring in the ocean and he asks "why did you do that" and she says "so I'll always know where it is". Never be another Ruth Gordon, loved her sooo much.

Sheta Kaey

I'd appreciate mentoring from anyone who knows film and video. I'm hoping to add video demonstrations of esoteric ritual to a magazine I run online, and I am completely inexperienced.

Cindy Ried

I honestly don't know who I would pick because all my mentors have come to me and they just kind of became my mentors.I've been blessed with so many that I can count on.I wouldn't neccasarily pick anyone famouse unless I knew them personally the kind of mentors I want are people that can be my friends but also people that I look up to that are humble and can be there if I need them.I can't say I'd have anyone specific I'd pick because mine just came to me, but mentors are important they can give you great advice and they always believe in you nomatter what.

Melissa Ede

Robin Williams

John Griffin

Steven Spielberg.

Patrick Hampton

Robert Kurtzman. I grew up watching his work. One of my favorites From Dusk Til' Dawn!

Gary Gudgeon

Denzel Washington

Laurence Williams

Roger Corman, pure genius

Nathan Webb

Jack Nicholson or Christopher Walken as Mentors. Be great to have a master class with James Dean or Steve McQueen. Martin Scorsese, Steven spielberg or Woody Allen for directors although It would be great to learn from Hitchcock.

Yalanda Medina

Anyone of the creatives from Widen + Kennedy.

Crystal Smith-Connelly

Trey Parker...he's my #1 inspiration in my playwriting.

Kev Minton

Ed Burns.

Robert Smith Mfa

William Castle. A hell of a filmmaker and promoter without much of a budget.

Louella Foyle

Dame Judy Dench, i admire her tenacity

Joseph Brostowicz


Mark Ratering

Castle started it all for me. I remember watching 13 Ghosts with the curtains vlosed and a blanket over me to hide my eyes. I became a low budget film-maker cuz of the likes of Mr. Curtain and went to work when I was Thirty for T.V. Mikels.... a modern day William Castle, Ted's still kicking at 83

Robert Smith Mfa

That's great, Mark!

LaToya Anitri

If I could pick one person to mentor me, I'd say it would be Quentin Tarantino... Just because he is sooo passionate about his work and he sticks to what he believes in. Plus,he makes some damn good movies.

Travis Kolpack

It's hard to choose just one so the laboratory created miracle baby of Stephen King and Edward Lee.

Laurence Williams

We made this movie with £9,000 and over 260 people involved, about to go out worldwide on DVD TV and VOD, so it can be done

Dan C. Corley

No question about it....SIR SEAN CONNERY

Laurence Clarke

@DanCorley I'm sorry to tell you this, but Connery is one of the most obnoxious people on the planet. Source: I work for PR

Mark Ratering


Nathan Adrian Lake

For me I think it would have to be Tom Hanks!

Mathilda Paradeiser

Jodie Foster.

Leon Reaper

angelina jolie....but i definately wont be studying :3, :P

Nikki Syreeta many choices....I think I would go with Clint Eastwood.

Jose Fernandez Camilo

Without hesitation Mr. Roger Deakins

Mark Ratering

Linda Lovelace

Francina Ovalles

Mmm I think Jennifer Lopez, Madonna or Sandra Bullock :) Ohhh Robert Deniro.... hahaha

Becky McMillen

Ken Burns, I would love to see his processes for acquiring materials and funding.

Stephen Krystek

Kyle Cooper. He's made some amazing title sequences

Veronica Taylor

Jerry Bruckheimer

Nina Hedberg

Joss Whedon absolutely. He has so much creative talent!

Melody Brooke

Ron Howard

Arthur Abe

Michael Crichton

Sharon Yusop

Woah.. Ive got a long list.. But if i have to pick just the one, it'll have to be Bollywood Actor/Producer Aamir Khan. He's got an eye for original content and he doesnt shy away from challenges. I put him on the same level as Johnny Depp. Daring to do movies and play characters that are different from the norm.

Leon Reaper

just to be different > Tim Burton

Vasco Phillip de Sousa


Vasco Phillip de Sousa

On second thought, maybe Buster Keaton. I don't speak much Russian.

Steve Hudson

Rolfe Kent

Leon Reaper

@west I'm not Mentor material lol

Jac Davyn

Gandalf! I mean huh... Sir McKellen.

Alfred Nesser

The Lord

Marvin Willson

Jerry Bruckheimer.

Marvin Willson

@Jacqueline... I'm sure Aesop would disagree.

Todd Folts

today: Emanual Lubezki... tomorrow: who knows....

Melissa Ede

I would now after getting to know this Lady so well would want Mary Ann McQueen Butcher to mentor me as i believe , Mary gives 100% loyalty to whatever she does, and has so much experience in the media world. I believe in her

Amanda J Asquith

Just one? Hmmm

Jim Layes


Karen Costa

James packer

Natalie Diorio

I cannot pick just one! lol 1st choice would be Lucille Ball but, obviously, she is no longer with us. =) If I had to choose someone who is it would be Dick Van Dyke.

Heath Vinyard

David Fincher for sure. The guy is a master at directing.

Michael Harrelson

Michael Caine

Natalie Diorio

LOL Don't Blink! tee hee

Maty Grosman

Frank Darabont (pre Majestic) - brilliant screenwriter and director. Shawshank Redemption and Green Mile are cinematic masterpieces. I have him to thank (or curse, lol) for becoming a screenwriter.

Gianna Isabella

Martin Scorsese!!!!

Morris Jones

Hello , Morris J here....I sing , write, make beats and currently I'am learning how to Mix & Master . I was on the 1st season of American Idol , I love genuine people ,love God , I'am a Family man and I love wisdom. If there is anyone who is willing to Mentor me and give me words of advice on how to be successful in life , music or acting I am always listen and more than willing to learn . I'am traveling to the Stars and beyond and will shake the hand of success at my destination. God Bless.

Scruffbag Productions

At the moment... Paul Thomas Anderson

Ted Slominski

Alan Wilder

Jim Petrak

Greg P. Russel

Evelyn James

Marion cotillard

Simon Berry

I'm torn between Richard E Grant and Brad Pitt (Clearly for quite different reasons!) :)

Qiana M Davis

Tough choice however I'm very fond of Denzel Washington, Robert DeNiro, Al Pacino. As a woman, Helen Mirren, Viola Davis, Meryl Streep and Glenn Close all rock. I'd choose anyone of them

Stephen Nagy

Vince McMahon !!!!

Marvin Willson

LOL@ Qiana. Choose one.

Vera Ann Holman

OMG -- I know so many great possibilities: I won't list them all here, but you've either read their books, attended their lectures or seen their credits on IMDB! Hard choice! I think it would depend on which script /genre I was wanting help with, then I'd ask the one most likely! The fun of working at various Screenwriting Events/Pitchfests/EXPOs, etc. is that you get to meet and really get to know some great teachers/instructors/producers/directors. Think I'd probably go with a director!

Laura Tabor-Huerta

Kate Wright, Buck Henry, Lina Wertmuller.

David Ashutosh

Maybe Scorcese? His recent stuff especially has appealed to me. Vince Gilligan? Shonda Rhymes? Somewhere in there. Maybe Shonda would be my first interest.

Robyn J Keating

Althea Grant - Public speaker from UK

Robyn J Keating

and ....... Aretha Franklin singer .. ( I have mpd rights ) LOL

Lucifer Divinitas

Wild E Coyote, because he never gives up.

Tisa Yonts

Lance Wallnau

Linda Rumney

Nora Ephron - definitely - I think!

Shannon Scarlett Murtagh

Lea Michele from Glee, I just love her.

Alper Turfan

Rob Schneider

Marc Peurye

Bruce Vilanch

James Allen Brewer

John Waters.

Sandra L. Bucy

Nora Ephron... :( I missed my chance...

Linda Rumney

Sorry I pipped you at the post there Sandra! Nora -- sorely missed.

Justice Born Allah

Warren Buffett

Michael James

Kurtzman/Orci, I think they are the same person...wink wink. :->

Aldo Rios

guillermo del toro

Parker Ronan

Quenton Tarentino, he just seems like so much fun to learn from.

George Rodrigues

Charles Laughton

Joel Gill

Uwe Boll... someone has to take on his mantle of making utterly shit movies even when provided good actors... and getting paid for it.

Scott Raimann

Tie between Morgan Freeman and Stubby Kaye. Morgan Freeman for his ability to act in anytime of role and make it look natural and Stubby Kaye for making his characters so memorable.

Rebecca O'Donnell

George Cukor is a favorite.

Rich Marino

Vittorio Storaro

Liam Lionheart

Chris Nolan I would have to say since he's one of the great directors around.

Jason Roth

Ridley Scott

Lina Jones

Tat's ahard one so many of them.

Peggy Fields Richardson!

Danny Glover. What a subtle but powerful actor!

Jr Vaca

Tattoo from the love boat.

Mark Ratering

knew him....nuce guy but always trouble around the corner for him

Jr Vaca

Who tattoo from fantasy island?

Mark Ratering

Hervé Villechaize He was the midget in Bond films The Man With The Golden Gun and had his voice changed in The Gang That Couldn't Shoot Straight robert denero

Cindy Lee Davis

Well there are 2 people that I would love to mentor me, Mel Gibson,, Yes Mel and Jody Foster. I love them both, want to meet them both and work with them. They are amazing talent

Luis Garcia Gonzalez

Francis Ford Coppola

Michael McCoy

Orson Welles... he's the coolest.

Jacob Ransom

Roger Corman!

Anna Sahlstrom

Claudia Shear

Catherine Arne

Joseph Campbell

Adam Sullivan

Al Pacino

Lloyd Vance

Shi Huang Di.

Dave Sullivan

It would have to be Roger Deakins.

Erika Christie

Guillermo Del Toro

Aldon Baker

John Williams, or Martin Scorsese

Rhonda Merrick

Oprah Winfrey or Whoopi Goldberg

Michael D. Murphy Sr.

Chazz Palmintieri

Philip Parlier

Grant Morrison

Author Priscilla Shareese

David Talbert the playwright

Michael Fitzer

Roger Deakins (Cinematographer)

Brian McAndrew

Eddie Alderson

Jon Noel Shelton

Jean-Luc Godard (filmmaker)

Mary Filmer

Hi Luis, I am a children's author so it would have to be J.K.Rowlings. I have a new series of childrens books and the first one is coming out at the end of June this year. If you get time can you like my face book page for me. You can go to it by my web page it has a link to the face book page. But while you are at the web page have a look at Poppy the troll he is flying on Willy the seagulls back pulling a sign. Mary Sumeridge Beginnings. That is the name ot the first book which will be out at the end of June this year. Mary and Granny Ann as well as Poppy the troll go on an adventure to save a ghost child from an evil witch. There is lots of magic in the book so I do hope alot of children get a chance to read it. Alpha Wolf is publishing it and selling it from there web page. Mary Filmer author

Amber Lynna

Male choices(music)Robert Plant,Jimmy Page or David Bowie

Cindy Lee Davis

Going to see Robert Plant this coming week end yea !!

Michael D. Murphy Sr.

lucky you Cindy! I'm jealous!

Amanda Marie

Tarantino if Sammy Davis Jr. Isn't an option.

Kaz Drysdale

Spielberg-ish type of 'character'.

Mary Filmer

I would still pick J.K.Rowlings as she is a really good childrens author. Mary Filmer Author

Carla P. Morales

Suzanne Depasse!

Viquii Johannesson (Vicki Johnson)

I love Suzanne Depasse also, but in filmmaking I would choose Denzel Washington

Mary Filmer

Hi Luis, I would like J.K.Rowlings because I am a writer too and she has made it to the big time. Mary Filmer Author

Luigi A J Lorfils

If it were up to me, I would choose Woody Allen every time! I just have the utmost respect for the guy.

David Boorboor


Mary Filmer

J.K.Rowlings because I am a children's author too. It would be nice to know how she started marketing her books. I was told she only had 500 Harry Pottor Books printed on the first run. Boy did it grow. Mary Filmer Author

John Wallage

I think it would have to be Danny Boyle for me

Nic L. Kelly

Scorsese...He's a genius.

Cynthia Parker

It would have to be Christopher Nolan

Courtney Milo Roberts

Winston Churchill

Cameron Ring

Ronald Reagan- because he was not only President, but also an Actor

Aldon Baker

John Williams

Raven Stewart

Tyler Perry

Cameron Ring

The Most Interesting Man in the World. He lives Vicariously....through himself

Mark Souza

William Goldman

Daniel Adam Willis


Greg Smith Pitts

Oscar Micheaux

Juanisa "Nisa" McCoy

Charlie Chaplin.

Gilda Henry

Joss Whedon.

Phill Gee


Tony McFadden

William Goldman. In a heartbeat.

Cameron Ring

Peter Griffin!

Marina Furuta

Bernie Brillstein

Simon Berry

Tommy Cooper

Mary Filmer

J K Rowlings

Erick Hayden

Gary Oldman

Joyce Newman

Woody! No question about it.

Julius Kline III

J th@ sounds gr8t. I act as well as most crew positions. g.i.t

John Brown

It's a tough call to pick one mentor, different people inspire in different areas of life. Kevin Smith I look to for a number of reasons, mostly because he chooses to change and makes things work, which I also like to do. for similar reasons but also for his ability to layer sound - I'd love to work with music and audio in a far better way than I do.

Tlo Writes

Joss Whedon because he knows how to craft a compelling story and brilliant characters.

Danny Carroll

Viggo Mortensen

Caitlin McCarthy

Carrie Fisher. Simply adore her!

Phyllis Harlow

Kevin Spacey. He is an excellent actor & I would love to have his experience & drive.

Leesa Smith

Ali Liebert!

Roetta Collins


Larry Kostroff

Noam Chomsky

Kay Shelton

David Niven, what a classy guy! But since he's dead, I'll say...Meryl Streep

Jahmilla Jackson

Streep was my first thought.

Tammy Roussin

Quentin Tarantino

Janet Scott

Woody Allen.

Irina Penn

David Lynch! Actually there would be many others, but u said one so... :)

K. C. Steward, Screenwriter

Would love to have been mentored by Billy Wilder, but now my choice is Martin Scorsese.

Alex Harvey

Tom hardy, so good at completly becomming a character

Angie Quidim

John C. McGinley.. Very intense actor but nails it every time

Randall Roffe

Boorman and Walsh, one down. Can't get any better than them

Erick McNerney

Danny Elfman

Emanuel F. Camacho, Pmp

I've been fortunate to have many amazing mentors, so I can't complain, but if I can choose (just) one who I've never met...Jerry Bruckheimer, one of my favorite producers would have to be my fantasy pick.

Aliev Ordoubadi

Christopher Doyle.and Kubrick

Lina Jones

Johnny Depp

Jahmilla Jackson


Luigi A J Lorfils

I've mentioned Woody Allen, but Quentin Tarantino would also be dope as a mentor.